Guest Post: How to Show Off Your Pictures by Kristin Steward

Hi all! My new friend Kristin Steward is taking over my blog for the day with this post. It is her first time on here, so give her a shout out! P.S….these are GREAT ideas for Mother’s Day which will sneak up and smack you before you know it.  -Cheryl

Everyone loves to take pictures. And even more important, everyone loves to show them off. Here are some great ways to show off your favorite photos.

For centuries, people have been using frames to show off photos. Now, however, you can go hi-tech with electronic digital frames. Many brands allow you to upload multiple images and have them automatically rotate. So instead of having one photo in a frame for years, your image will change every few minutes, or hours, so you can always show off something new.

Everyone today has a cell phone – and many of those cell phones are used daily to take photos. Now you can take those photos and make custom cases for them. For example, you can create your own iPhone cases from Shutterfly and give them as gifts to friends and family that show off your favorite photos of a trip or special event.

Gallery of Three iPhone Case- $27.96

If you are a little crafty, you can make a unique frame by upcycling a window pane. If you are not familiar, upcycling is when you take something old and use it to create something new. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and take an old wooden multi-pane window frame, re-paint it, position your photos, and just add something on the back for hanging! You now have a unique way to show off photos in your home.

If you want to take your photos with you for everyone to see, have a clutch or tote made with all your favorite photos. Stitchagram makes totes, clutch bags, and even pillows from your favorite photos. Definitely a unique idea as well as a great gift for someone!

Clutch- $83

Sometimes the simplest way to show off photos can have the most impact. Consider having a favorite photo printed on matte paper with a large white border. Then use an old wooden easel and use a large clip to hold it in place. This minimalist display can really get your guests talking!

Ultimately, what is most important is that you get those photos out of your phone or camera and display them so you and your family and friends can enjoy them!

-Kristin Steward