Grilling Tips, Recipes and More with The Backyard BBQ Store!

I sat down with Dan of the Backyard BBQ Store in Wilmette to ask him a few grilling questions in celebration of Father’s Day. Backyard BBQ is THE place to go for all things grill-related; it is the mecca of the grilling world. I brought my husband there last weekend, and I think he wanted to move in. Here is what he had to say- ladies, listen up for gift ideas!

Q: What is the most popular item that you sell? What do dads want most?
A: The most popular item we sell is lump charcoal, the most popular grill
is the Big Green Egg which seems to be on all Dad’s wish list. 

Q: In our house, my husband does the grilling but I planned on surprising
him on Father’s Day. Are there any basic tips that can help me not ruin

A: Basic
tips for grilling would be make sure the cooking grate is clean,
pre-heat the grill, oil your food and always use a thermometer.

Q: What is the #1 mistake most people make when grilling?
A: #1
mistake would be either over cooking or trying to flip your food before
it is ready to flip. If you give it a little lift and it is still
sticking to the cooking grate it is not ready to flip.

Q: What events are coming up at your store? Tell me about your grill classes.  Are they hands on or demonstrations?
A: We
have a steak class coming up, a couple of beer dinners. Our classes
are a combination of both hands on and demo. We always eat everything we

Q: What is one recipe that is always a crowd pleaser?
A: The one recipe that is always a crowd pleaser
and is also very unique is the chocolate raspberry burrito! (see below for recipe).
People also love pizza on the grill.

Q: Any special pairings that you recommend?
A: Beer goes with everything! (I concur!)

The classes take place right in the store- check out this custom grill set-up, complete with a big screen TV nearby so you don’t miss the game. They also have multiple beers on tap for events- could it get any better?

And for a summer bash? How about renting out their outdoor patio, completely set up and ready to go! They host classes and weekend grillings out there when the weather permits.

If we didn’t have schedule conflicts, I would have signed my husband up for one of their grilling classes for a Father’s Day gift. Here are the upcoming ones, give Backyard BBQ a call to check availability and sign up! Here is their main website, and their phone number is: 847-251-2272. Happy Father’s Day!


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