Five Dollar Friday: (OK, $10) Adorable Rain Shoes!

Listen up Mother Nature. All of us in the Midwest are sick and tired of this ridiculous weather. The only way we (I) know how to cope is to buy weather-appropriate apparel and accessories in hopes of boosting my spirits for a minute or two. That’s where my favorite find of the week comes in….

I haven’t written a Five Dollar Friday post in a while, so I’m sure you’ve saved up enough that I can do a $10 post. While buying thousands of dollars of diapers, wipes and formula at Costco yesterday, my son ran down one of the middle aisles where they keep the undies and socks (down which I usually don’t venture). As I chased him down and bent over to scoop him off the floor, I noticed a small display of these adorable rain shoes! They had them last year, but they were $25. This year? $9.97. Instead of buying the dark chocolate-covered Pretzel Crisps they were sampling (next time, because they were delish) I treated myself to the Chooka Duck Skimmers.

Chooka Duck Skimmers in Black

No, you won’t be able to go puddle jumping and they won’t keep your feet dry in a monsoon, but perfect for splashing through this disgusting spring (winter) weather we are having. Super comfortable, and they were available in Navy or Black. They retail on Zappos for $59.95. I bought them yesterday at the Costco in Glenview (IL), so not sure if they are at other locations for the same price. So ladies, if your husband usually does the Costco run, tell him you will go this weekend as an early Father’s Day treat and pick these up!