Green is the New Black: Noktivo Spa

Have you ever been to a nail salon and noticed those not so pleasant fumes? Yeah, they aren’t so great for you. They also are pretty horrible for the people who work there. When I was pregnant, I remember going to get a “relaxing” pedicure right before I went into labor. I sat down in the chair and the whole time thought to myself: If there are chemicals that can basically peel the paint off my toes, what are they doing to my body? And to my little one on the way?

If I had known about Noktivo Spa then, I wouldn’t have booked an appointment anywhere else but there.

I met the owner, Jenny Duranski, when she was ready-to-pop pregnant, yet she was still in the salon every day. I was there to work with Noktivo to provide manicures for Diner en Blanc, and they came up with some gorgeous concepts. If you thought chemical-free nail polish was limited to drab colors like olive and grey, take a look at their selection below:

While I was there, I grabbed a mani-pedi in their chic space and became educated in all things green beauty. That nagging feeling I had when I was pregnant was right on the money- when Jenny worked at a previous salon, the chemicals caused her headaches, skin rashes, nausea and trouble breathing. So, she did what so many of us long to do- she fulfilled her dream by opening the first completely green chemical-free spa in the Midwest. They offered non-toxic, vegan and organic alternatives to traditional nail services- does a Lavender Lemonade mani/pedi sound delectable to you? How about a Whipped Coconut + Raw Cocoa treatment? YUM.

That’s Jenny on the left- she steps in to do services in order to keep costs down.

 During Jenny’s first year, she was insanely successful, managing to be in the black after only FOUR months. Unfortunately, water damage and unscrupulous landlord practices forced Noktivo to close their doors, re-opening in a temporary space inside the eco-friendly Chroma K8 Beautique. She started an Indiegogo campaign that has raised over $5,000 in order to give Noktivo a new permanent home. It features great deals like a Manicure of the Month ($200) or Organic Spa Day ($150- over 50% off retail value). Want to help support a small business AND pick up green spa services at a discount? Here is the link:

One of my favorite beauty products I purchased (because,
yes, they do have an amazing selection of mostly local green beauty
products for the face and body, including organic baby goods) was this solid perfume:

Sweetie Pie Solid Perfume by Lulu Blossom

It was $6, lasts forever, is perfect for travel, and smells divine…like a slightly lemony sugary vanilla cake.

I wish her the best of luck, and if you are interested in covering her story or reaching out, please contact her at



  1. August 14, 2015 / 8:31 am

    When I started my Green supplements, It tasted horrible to me at first. Then, someone told me that when your body is highly acidic it's not going to taste good until your body becomes more alkaline. Well, it happened to be the case for me and It started to taste a little better.

  2. April 16, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    The success story of Noktivo Spa really inspired not only me but everyone whoelse know about this green beauty shop. And the most excellent and fascinating thing is she is offering chemical free nail paints that is actually admirable.

    • April 16, 2016 / 1:04 pm

      Yes, absolutely! I am amazed at all of the information she has shared, and her efforts to improve the industry!