Gift Guide: Tech Geek

NowAdvisor®iPega 0.9″ LCD Digital Alcohol Tester for iPhone / iPad / iPod- $18.00 on

Yes. The coolest gadget you never knew you needed (well, you don’t actually need it, but what an awesome party trick!). The breathalyzer for any “i” gadget. Just blow past the little receiver (no need to wrap your lips around it- much more sanitary this way) and it registers your blood alcohol level.

Verso Scholar Notebook Cover for iPad- $37.50 @
Etch A Sketch iPad Case- $39 @

I adore cute iPad cases, and these two are a throwback from our childhood (ok, if you don’t remember these products, I just don’t want to know).

iPhone Wallet Case- $16.99 @

I am forever trying to find a way to minimize everything I have to bring with me, and that includes pawning my lip gloss off on my husband to carry. Here is a compact way to streamline with JUST the basics! The back of this iPhone case opens up to hold a credit card, some cash and even a key.

U-Socket- $24.99 @

U-Socket is an AC receptacle with the added benefit of two built-in USB ports that can power any device that is charged via USB. How awesome would a few of these be in your home?!