Gift Guide: On The Move

This post kicks off a series of themed holiday gift guides!!

All gifts mentioned in these posts are actual gifts that I would totally buy a friend or family member, not just random crap. Enjoy and share if you see something you like!

On The Move
Do you need to buy for a jet setter in your life? 

Make their jaunts a little more jolly with these gift ideas!

Digital Travel Scale- $18.95 @ 

Do you know how much I have saved in baggage fees with my travel luggage scale? One trip and I saved more than the cost of this little gizmo.

Sky Umbrella- $48 @

I think this is the most adorable umbrella. When the heavens open up to ruin your new blow out, you will have blue skies.

Scratch Map Travel Journal- $24 @

Sadly, not many people have the time to write in a travel journal
anymore…now you can just scratch that travel itch and record all of
your journeys!

Travel Candles- $12 each @

Have you ever traveled with someone (significant other, friend, coworker) and needed to um…freshen the room? ‘Nuff said.

Reusable To Go Lunch Cup- $12 @

Use the little orange cup for salad dressing, dip, or anything else that might make your food go all squishy. Genius.