Fab Finds For Your Summer Celebrations!

Summer is the time for parties. In Chicagoland, we hide all winter, dreaming of the days when we can trade our Sorels or Uggs for Reefs or Havaianas. We hibernate, barely able to recollect a time when we were anything but pasty pale people with mountains snow to shovel. Why not throw a party (or 5) to celebrate the summer season? Or even take a road trip “Up North”? Here are  few ideas to get you started with some fabulous finds from Personal Creations (and no, they aren’t paying me to write this post- we have just bought a lot of stuff from them through the years and it has all been high quality and made memorable gifts).

Entertaining on the Deck

We love to have backyard parties in the summer (or any time of year…but your house can be salvaged by herding the crew outside in the warm weather). My parents bought us this personalized beverage tub for our wedding shower, and my husband just bought the iron stand for our 6th anniversary (6 years = iron…yes, he is that detail-oriented). I recommend filling the bottom with upside down empty tupperware bowls so you don’t have to fill the whole thing with ice.

I want these!! How perfect would these Mason Drinking Jars be to replace your boring snoozy water glasses at the dinner table? Bonus- they double as perfect summer sangria glassware for your parties!

Girl’s Night

Not going to lie- I spill my wine almost every time I have a glass. Yes, I can blame it on the kids or the fact that I am lightweight after not drinking for 9 months. I adore these wine sippy cups, complete with built-in straw and personalization. You can even select the appropriate hairstyle and color for all of your friends- how fabulous would it be to have a girl’s night and get each of your friends their own wine Insulated Wine Tumbler with their likeness??

Up North

In Michigan, “Up North” is a destination, covering all cities from Petoskey to Traverse City to Sutton’s Bay to Charlevoix and beyond. It is immortalized in Pure Michigan commercials and Kid Rock songs. Many families have a lake house, which can range from a studio-style shack to retirement mansions. I love some of these options to deck out the decor and put those memories on the wall! We frequently have family parties at my parent’s place, and what better way to display the memories than these finds!

I would totally get either of these items for the cabin; this Oar Photo Frame is perfect for a nautical/beachy vibe:

Ummm…can we say adorable anniversary gift?? This Carved Heart Art Canvas would be perfect.

The Road Trip

Since I have two kiddos and have to drive 6+ hours with them to GET Up North, this car activity organizer looks like a winner in my book. Let’s be honest- most of us (wait, just me??) pop in a DVD while our kids zone out. Why not turn on your favorite music (no, not the Kidz Bop version, something YOU enjoy) instead of listening to the Frozen Soundtrack AGAIN and let them be a little creative? You can let them listen to their own music (see my travel post here for the best earphones) and get in the zone. Have them make some cards for grandma and grandpa while they are at it.

What are your favorite summer must-have items?