DIY Halloween Party Ideas

Want to have a ghoulishly good time at your Halloween Party? Spending a lot is a sure fire way to kill the vibe, so get the “look for less” by partying for pennies. Here are a few ways to freak out your guests on the cheap! You can check out my segment on WCIU’s The Jam where I presented these creepy ideas to Chicago.

Freaky Food

On a budget but still want to wow your guests with a great dish? Rethink your spaghetti and meatball basics by sneaking in a surprise. Make one massive meatball stuffed with spaghetti “brains.” The wow factor comes in when you cut open the meatballs and “blood” and “brains” spill out (spaghetti and sauce). Delish, dinner on a dime and disgusting all in one.

Make a side of creepy finger cookies for dessert and serve with strawberry jam “blood.”

Big Batch Drink

To cut down on the alcohol bill, make a big batch cocktail instead of letting heavy-handed guests pour their own. I usually provide one drink and tell guests to BYOB if they want something else. For a creepy yet cost-effective cocktail, skip fresh fruit which racks up the bill, just go with booze and mixers. Decorate the glasses and drink dispenser to make it more festive.

Cranberry Orange Sangria

    1 750 ml bottle of Merlot or your fave red wine
    4 cups cranberry juice
    1/4 cup Cointreau or any orange liqueur (save money/less strong: use OJ)
    2 cups sparkling water

Cost per 6 oz serving: Less than $1

You can add “blood” to the rims of glassware by combining corn syrup and red food coloring. Need ice? Freeze fake spiders ice cubes.

DIY Decorations

Make bloody handprints and footprints with glue and food coloring. I like to put these on the bathroom mirror and shower curtain and write with lipstick: BEWARE or REDRUM.

Using Elmers glue ($1), paint your hand with glue and place a few prints on a sheet of plastic wrap; let dry. Then mix a dash of blue and a few drops of red food coloring into a bowl of glue, paint on your hands and place on the same hand prints, and add more red glue on top; let dry. Peel off and place around the house!

Cobwebs make everything creepier for cheap. Spread them over the bushes outside, on the handrail, over furniture and add plastic spiders.

Create potion bottles from any bottle or container! Spray spaghetti sauce jars, pepper tins or medicine bottles with black spray paint. Use a hot glue gun to write words, let dry, then sponge paint over with a contrasting paint. I found this idea on Magia Mia, and theirs is incredibly impressive!

Add a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka for extra spooky effect- even the mini makes a great addition to your potion bottle collection! After you use the “spirit” inside, keep the bottle for decoration. Here is a perfect cocktail to make for your Halloween Party:

Cold Comfort

1.5 oz. Crystal Head Vodka
1 oz. Papa’s Pilar Dark Rum
4 oz. Apple Cider 
1 Cinnamon Stick

Shake liquids and pour over ice in a rocks glass; garnish with cinnamon stick and apple slice. 

Want to watch the entire The Jam segment? Click here! I always have a blast with their crew!

Cheers to spending less and still having a ghoulishly good time!