How to Layer for Fall the Right Way

When I started to layer for fall weather, I initially thought just piling on puffy layers to lock in warmth was key. Well, this works for comfort but style? Eh, no so much. I started looking at photos of myself and I resembled the Sta-Puff Marshmallow lady, adding 15 lbs to my frame by selecting unflattering layers. Here are a few of my tips to layer for fall the right way, maintaining your style while staying warm (during those darn freezing rain outdoor soccer games!).

Layer #1- Stay Warm & Dry

Don’t neglect that initial layer that touches your skin- this is ultra important in keeping that warmth close to your core and learning to layer for fall. It shouldn’t be made of 100% cotton, which retains moisture and can make you feel colder. Choose merino wool, synthetic fabrics like polyester or silk. I love a blended tank top for fall temperatures- it doesn’t leave me too sweaty but slims, retains its shape and fits snugly. These Nikibiki tanks are perfect– they hit at the top of your thighs so you can either tuck it in or keep loose.

Layer #2- Insulation

Your second layer is where the insulation comes into play, and I like to make this my statement layer. I found this “#7” sweater at a thrift shop and it is made of merino wool, which offers ah-mazing warmth while staying soft and thin. Fleece also makes a great second layer for keeping you cozy and providing a warm layer for fall, but is more bulky than wool. There are some cute plaid options that are very lumberjack chic!

Layer #3- Extra Accent + Extremity Insulation

I love adding an open sweater to add a contrast and extra warmth to my shoulders and arms. This is an easy way to play with patterns and textures- keep it in the same color family and layer away!

My Boyfriend Cardigan is the ideal weight- adding insulation without bulk, and the drop shoulder means it fits well over other layers. Blanket Scarves are also an ideal third layer- they can be easily removed or draped.

Layer #4- Accessories

Now, if your head isn’t warm, the rest of your body will feel the chill. I love the fact that for fall temps I can pull on a cute knit beanie, adorned with a pom-pom, and embrace hat hair for the day. I treat winter hats as an accessory- I don’t take them off even indoors. I adore this studded faux fur-trimmed pom-pom hat; it has gold accents without going full-on bling.

I am giving my children the evil eye because they are creeping towards me…


When I have all those layers on top, I need something slim on the bottom to balance it out. Ponte fabric is pretty much the best invention ever- it is thicker than traditional cotton leggings, keeps the heat in without retaining moisture, rarely wrinkles and smoothes any lumps and bumps. These ponte ones are super cute and can be worn everywhere from the desk to dinner, PTA to plays. Plush leggings (my fave) usually have fleece or another soft material inside- but ladies, please remember…leggings are not pants so keep that second layer long!


Depending on the temps and precipitation, snazzy sneakers can be your BFF. I have a pair of black ones with a little heel, which keeps you from looking like you are on your way to the gym. My advice? One pair of sneakers for working out and one pair for athleisure. The key to keeping your sneakers streamlined is to wear either no-show (make sure they don’t actually show!) socks or liners.

Cheers to staying warm and looking lovely in fall layers!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Shopko. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.