Clothing Shapes to Avoid

I don’t know one person that wants to add pounds to their look. Curves, yes, pounds, not so much. Here are a few styles to avoid if you want to maximize that gorgeous figure of yours!

Batwing Sleeves– Really, we are all trying to get rid of our Bingo Wings, so why would we want to accentuate this unfortunate area? Just don’t do it. This model probably weights a buck five if that, but you would never guess.

Capri Pants– SUCH a controversy in America. Europe does it right- petal pushers that end just below the knee or cropped pants, none of this mid-calf rubbish. When pants hit you mid-calf, it cuts you off and makes your legs looks like Oompa Loompa stems. Please please please read this article from Ain’t No Mom Jeans where she goes into super incredible detail on the styling of a range of pant lengths. Also, amazing infographic from the site on the Danger Zone:

Danger Zone via Ain’t No Mom Jeans

Unbalanced Palazzo Pants– I won’t completely banish palazzo pants from the kingdom of style, but they need to be balanced if you want to knock it out of the park. Remember- flowy on bottom, fitted/tailored on top. You don’t have to wear a skin tight tank, but make sure your top piece has some structure. If you are a little self-conscious, pop a cute fitted jacket on! If your top is a bit flowy, anchor it with a belt.

Yep. Bam!
SO many right things about this!

Prints– I think many are divided on this front, but personally I think too big of a print can make you look bigger. Think….massive flowers. All over. *shudder* If you are going with a large print, don’t go head to toe. Break it up- a larger print shirt with a streamlined, solid bottom can work, and vice versa.

Mid/Large Print Floral

Too Tight High Rise Pants– I’ve had 2 kids. I get it. I no longer have that flat tummy I did waaaaay back in the 90s before I discovered beer and bacon. High Rise can look fabulous. I recently paired a high rise skirt with a cropped sweater and it really took the focus off my lower abdomen and put it on my natural waist. However, if you wear high rise pants that are too tight or too high, you look like you stuffed a balloon down your pants. Not hot.

Jessica Simpson’s Memorable High Rise No-No

Ruffles or Volume– I love a full, twirly skirt. I think almost every gal does, but they can have the tendency to, well, add volume in the areas you might want to avoid. If you are curvy, you can show it off with a tailored piece. Curvy doesn’t = bad whatsoever; it can be incredibly sexy when showcased properly. If you don’t flaunt your curves and hide them under some voluminous fluffy piece with ruffles or layers, you are pushing those curves out to just be a big circle, creating allover volume that extends to your more narrow areas.

Lena, Lena, Lena, you are so much more shapely than this!

What styles help you feel your best?