4 Creative & Stylish Ways to Keep Your Home Organized

Although I don’t have formal New Years Resolutions, I usually just take inventory of what bugged the hell out of me in the previous year and try to rectify the situation somehow. Last year, I was pretty disorganized at home- I can’t tell you how many puncture wounds I suffered from errant Legos. So, this year I am making an effort to add some organizational extras to my home…keeping in mind that I have a 2 and 4 year old who LOVE to get into everything. I also don’t want my home to look like Pee Wee’s Playhouse- no primary colors, no cartoon animal figures. This is our home, not a preschool. Let’s do it in style, shall we?

The Laundry

Since our main laundry room is on the second floor, I had an issue with kitchen towels and PJs piling up on the stairs (I strip the kids right after they eat breakfast since they get more food on their clothes than in their mouths).  I searched for a laundry basket that would fit on the stairs, because most are so big they just tumble off. I grabbed this one on Amazon for around $26- it is big enough to handle a daily load of laundry, has handles so I can haul it up the stairs, and has held up well so far which says a lot in my household.

Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Organized | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

The Diapers

I currently use my formal dining room to change Charlotte’s diapers. No, not when we are eating in there, and no, I don’t use the table. Since this is the least used room in our house, I figured why not? The changing station is on a side table and has diapers and wipes piled on top. Looks pretty ridiculous. I asked my friend Cecilia what she does since she always nails home-related EVERYTHING (yes, she is an interiors blogger, and she is amazing- you need to see her site). She keeps her daughter’s diapers in a drawer in the family room- out of the way, easy to access, and you would never know! I think I will add a basket to the cabinet under side table and take a page out of her book.

Diaper Organization Ideas | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

The Toys

Ohhhhh it is Lego time! My son is 4 1/2 and he is just getting into this torturous toy. We recently purchased a shag rug for our family room, and the pieces keep getting lost in it. I grabbed this toy mat for around $15 and I think it is brilliant. It has a drawstring so once your kiddo is done playing, you pull the cord and it transforms into a bag. SOLD. Grab one here on Amazon.

Creative Toy Organization Ideas | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

Cecilia keeps the Play Do at hand in a bottom drawer in her kitchen for easy access yet out of the way. Since the kitchen is the main hub of her home, this is a great spot to keep creative play materials.

Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Organized | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

The Art Supplies

While I will always encourage my children to cultivate a love of art and give them all the tools possible to create a masterpiece, I see red (literally, figuratively) on a regular basis because the markers/paint/glitter/glue keeps showing up in not so fabulous places. Like on my wall. Like in their hair. Like on my new pair of fabulous jeans. This is mainly because they find it when I am otherwise occupied and bust it open in the way that only kids can do.

Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Organized- Art Trays | all dressed up with nothing to drink...

My sister in law gave me these art trays for the kids, and they are awesome. I keep their art projects in progress and the supplies on each tray, and keep the trays LOCKED in a cabinet so I have a handle on when they bust them out. For less, you can buy fast food trays– a set of 12 sells for around $20, same concept!

How do you keep your home organized yet stylish? Any tips? I would love to hear!