Words of Wisdom from Mark Ronson

I am not exactly a music aficionado. I don’t know what amazing music is out there until it is actually popular (so uncool, I know).  When I write about music, I am going to automatically assume that you have already heard of the song and are most likely sick of it already. Nonetheless, I have to express my incredible love for “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars. I often get inspiration from (mainstream) music, and this is one of my FAVES. Plus, the fashion in it is just spot on- from the slightly cropped sleeves of Bruno’s blazer to the suspenders and tank Ronson is wearing. (Am I the only one that didn’t know he is Charlotte and Samantha’s brother? Talked about a talented gene pool…).

Let me break it down for you, and why I rock out with this song a dozen times a day.

Haters gonna hate…(ahh Taylor Swift. Told ya I am mainstream and proud of it). In my current occupation, I have experienced some haters hating and it has taken until this point in my life to shake it off (see what I did there?). I don’t feel the need to explain myself much anymore, and if people don’t believe that I am capable of kicking ass, they can just watch me do it. This is a great pep talk to give yourself. If someone is going to doubt you, just prove them wrong by doing what you do best.

Being a woman, we are taught that being sexy is often akin to being slutty. I love to get dressed up and flaunt the parts of me that I feel are still sexy, but have learned to do it in an age-appropriate and classy way.

As for being freaky, my wardrobe selection is quite often “freaky.” I remember being criticized for wearing some crazy stuff back in the day. Snakeskin pants? Check. Full length velvet leopard dress? Uh huh. I wore a moto jacket and black leather ankle boots in high school and was self-conscious about it because there were occasional “who does she think she is” comments. Who did I think I was? I had no clue, that is why I was mixing up my wardrobe to try and figure it out. I should have owned it. Now? I do my best to (although I do have moments of “Really? Does this high-waisted tulip skirt look like a sack of potatoes or am I crazy?”…ok, I had that moment last weekend but was given a stern talking-to).

If you frequent social media, you see the perfected art of the #HumbleBrag. Need examples? Check out the Twitter account @Humblebrag, a stream full of those backhanded self-compliments. SHOW me how great you are, don’t tell me. I might have had a #HumbleBrag- being stuck in a puddle of self-consciousness and insecurity from time to time does that to you. That is what the humble brag usually stems from. Some of the best I have seen include:

(Images via TwistedSifter.com)

What songs do you groove to, mainstream or otherwise? Any words of wisdom you have gleaned from them?


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