Wednesday Wonder: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel + Flash Tattoos

Starting a new series- Wednesday Wonders! I have a few awesome products that I use on the regular, and am constantly discovering new ones that I would love to share.

This week, I am testing out the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and adding an accent nail with a fun little surprise product. Miracle Gel delivers “up to 14 days of color and shine” without the use of a scary UV light (and yes, I think deliberately exposing your digits to UV radiation, then soaking them in acetone for 15 minutes is probably not the healthiest option, but um…I’ve been guilty of it in the past).

I don’t know who out there has the time or money to get regular (as in weekly) mani/pedis. If you are, then hey, let’s be great friends and you can watch my kids and pay for mine, ok? Just kidding…kind of. Unless it is a special treat, I do all of my own manicures and pedicures. I have been searching for a nail polish that has at least a little staying power for my poor, brittle, chip-prone nails.

One thing I love about all Sally Hansen polishes are the brushes. They are incredibly wide, meaning you can cover your nails in less strokes, which translates to less streaks and errors. If you have tiny nails, though, this may not be your cuppa tea. I bought the color Greyfitti and the necessary clear coat (you gotta do this) that goes over it and gave it a test run!

Wednesay Wonder: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Test

There are a few tricks I have learned for this polish. It tells you to apply two coats, then the clear top coat. I found that with lighter colors, I need to apply 3-4 coats to ensure that it would be opaque. The photo above has four coats, plus clear.

Stylish Mom Tip: Did you buy some Flash Tattoos/receive them in your Pop Sugar Must Have Box and suddenly realize, um…I might be a wee bit over the ideal age range for this trend? You can use Flash Tattoos as nail art! Use tiny nail scissors to cut out your desired design and apply to DRY polish. Wet the tattoo like you normally would, and the paper will slide off. Apply an additional top coat and you are done!

Wednesday Wonder: Using Flash Tattoos as Nail Art

Wednesday Wonder: Flash Tattoos as Nail Art

Ok, so now my nails are fully painted, accented, and ready to be put to the test. I left the polish on for TEN days (which for me is unheard of- I usually have to change it after 4 days max because it always chips). Here is what my nails looked like after ten kid’s baths, endless sinks full of dishes, and multiple floor cleanings:

Wednesday Wonder: Testing Out Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Wednesday Wonder: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

The polish did start to chip at the tips after day 7, and lift away from my nail near the nail bed after day 9, but overall? This is a win in my book! It is still shiny, the majority of the polish is still on my  nail, and and unless you looked closely, you probably wouldn’t notice most of the tiny chips. The thing is, I don’t think I would want my manicure to actually last 14 days. My nails grow out at that point!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Colors

The polish comes in 48 shades and is available at most drug stores (although, there isn’t generally a great selection- grab it online for the best colors). As for the Flash Temporary Tattoos you can get some decently priced on Amazon or pick them up at Sephora.

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