Wedding Guest Style Guide for Guys and Gals

Ahhhh summer weddings. I JUST celebrated my 8 year anniversary this week, I can’t EVEN. I have known my husband for over a decade! As the bride, once you choose your dress you don’t have to stress about what to wear. As a guest? SO many factors go into it…how much skin to show, dress length, how hot is it going to be, how hot do I want to be ;), are we going to clash, avoid white…the list goes on.

What about the guys? They want to look just as dapper as the ladies, and I have noticed a lot of men stepping up their guest game in the apparel department. In Chicago, we have a lot of black tie weddings…and not a lot of guys I know own a tux (one that fits…it doesn’t count if you wore 2 decades ago to your bar mitzvah, gentlemen).

I recently heard about a suit and tux rental site for guys…we gals have Rent the Runway, guys now have The Black Tux! They have an amazing selection of classic and slim cut suits and tuxes, ties, cuff links, shoes, the works. You simply select a style, measure online, try it on and return with ease. They send your items a week before the event to put your mind at ease.

They have some fun accessories that can jazz up a classic suit as well!

Here is a summer style guide so you know what to wear to which event…’cause Black Tie is totally different than Casual!

Let’s go through each style and I will give my top picks for each! Since I love the concept of renting an outfit for a special occasion, I am using The Black Tux and Rent the Runway. You can snag an amazing dress, tux or suit at a perfect price. Rent the Runway pieces can be rented for a small fraction of the retail price. As for The Black Tux, their tuxes and suits cost $1,200+ retail, so grab them for a one time event for a steal!

Rent the Runway Dresses:
CasualGrecian Summer Romper: $50 rental, $265 retail
SemiformalAlexis Dress: $75 rental, $595 retail
Beach Formal Orange Iris Maxi: $90 rental, $495 retail

The Black Tux Suit:
The Redding Outfit– $185 rental

Black Tie Optional
Smoky Ombre One Shoulder Dress: $65 rental, $375 retail
Gray Suit: $110 rental

Black Tie
Taelyn Gown: $$140 rental, $890 retail
The Wallace Outfit: $215 rental

White Tie
Lifetime Love Gown: $70 rental, $745 retail
Notched Lapel Tuxedo: $95 rental

Whatever your style, Rent the Runway and The Black Tux have you covered for wedding season! Now get out there and tear up that dance floor!



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