WCIU: DIY Oscar Party

EVERYone loves a good party, right? I shared my favorite easy DIY Oscar party tips on WCIU You & Me this morning and Melissa and Jeanne loved celebrating with me! Click on the photo to see the segment.


Here is a recap of what I shared:

Walk of Fame Raspberry Brie Stars

Ok, I tried my hand with phyllo dough on this one. I was recently at an event with Gale Gand, and she recounted a story about teaching Julia Child how to cook with phyllo. I should have heeded her warning because this stuff is tricky! Follow her advice if you want to try, otherwise, you can use puff pastry or similar. Cut the dough out with a start cookie cutter (kids can help!), put a dollop of brie and a drizzle of raspberry preserves in between layers and bake.

Want an easy cocktail that has two ingredients? Pair my favorite inexpensive bubbly Segura Viudas with Wild Hibiscus flowers in Rose Syrup! Add a little bit of the syrup to tint the bubbly pink. The flowers are edible and the bubbles float through the middle to create a show-stopping drink!

Want a dessert that takes two seconds? You know me, I am all about assembling rather than making from scratch. Pick up mini cupcakes at the grocery store, take off the wrappers and stack two in a push pop container (pick these up at Michael’s). DONE. I wrapped floral foam in gold tissue paper and stuck them in for display.

Although the red carpet is entertaining enough for most, kick it up a notch and host your own red carpet photo session! Pocketbooth is a great app for your iPad, and you can personalize the message. I upgraded to the $39.99 version because it allows you to lock the app- perfect for when you have a huge party so you won’t get someone saying, “Oops! Screwed it up again!” every 5 minutes.

Now, I don’t have time to go get weekly manicures. Even monthly. I am lucky if I can fit one in twice a year. I love doing my nails at home but they get smudged EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I discovered Static Nails and always turn to them when I want my nails to be perfect in a minute. They can be re-used up to 6 times, painted, and shaped. They don’t chip or damage your original nails.

I love jewelry but if I kept everything I wore I would run out of space. Instead, I rent most of my bling from Rocksbox. For just $19/month they send you three pieces of designer jewelry that you can exchange at any point. You can send your stylist notes about a style you want to try or an outfit that you need something to match. I asked my stylist to send me “Oscar-worthy” jewelry that would go with a white cape dress and this is what they sent. Perfect, right? Use code “CHERYLBFF54” for your first month free! Code valid for the first 5 people who sign up.

Throwing a bash at home this Sunday night? Here is an Oscar Ballot that you can download and print out for your guests (or just you- Oscar night at home in your PJs sounds great to me!). Have guests make their predictions by circling a nominee in each category. As the night rolls on, they can put a start next to the actual winner. At the end of the night, count up your totals and see who was the most accurate. Best of luck and CHEERS!

Click on the image below to access the pdf:

2017 Oscar Ballot

Thank you to WCIU for having me on their You & Me segment to share my favorite 

DIY Oscar Party ideas!

If you don’t want to host, come to mine! Cecilia Cannon of Home with Keki and I are hosting a Red Carpet Oscar Viewing Party at Firefly Kitchen in Wilmette. Get your tickets here



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