6 Waterproof Boots (That Aren’t Hunter Boots)

Spring showers bring…massive puddles that ruin your favorite leather shoes. Where I live, Hunter Boots are de rigueur, appearing as a part of the North Shore momiform in droves, replacing Sorel boots in time for the spring thaw.

Waterproof Boots

But what if you are looking for something a little different? What if you don’t want to look like a British festival-going celeb a la Kate Moss, or Princess Di in her engagement photos?

Hunter Boots

Here are 6 Waterproof Boots options (that aren’t Hunter Boots).

Converse Chuck Taylor All Start Waterproof Boot

I have always wanted a pair of Chuck Taylors to remind me of the hot pink pair I had in elementary school. These are so sleek and practical that they screamed BUY ME when I saw them on sale- I still can’t believe that they are actually waterproof boots.

The inner lining is similar to neoprene, like a wet suit, and features a pull tab to help pull the boots on. The exterior is a slick leather with an embossed star ankle patch and a heavier than normal lug sole. I wear mine with leggings or cuffed denim and higher socks since they tend to rub your ankle. Hint- look on 6pm.com to occasionally find these on sale!

Chuck Taylor Waterproof All Star

Sperry Duck Boots

Duck boots have been around forever– they are typically a rubber bottom combined with a fabric or leather top. L.L. Bean and Sperry are the top two brands known for their duck boots, and IMHO Sperry has cornered the market on cute boots while L.L. is still stuck in the neutral color territory. Both are high quality waterproof boots, though.

Sperry Duck Boots

Think outside the box when wearing this functional footwear- they can go beyond being paired with just jeans or leggings. Try to pair them with a skirt or dress! Grab a pair of marled, camp or ragg socks that are longer than the boots are tall and let them peek out the top.

Chooka Duck Skimmers

I purchased these from Costco of all places about 4 years ago and they have held up incredibly well. Think of them as a cross between a duck boot and a ballet flat so they aren’t technically “boots” but they are definitely waterproof. No, they aren’t meant for puddle jumping but are the perfect pair to slip on when you are running errands in wet weather. These come in plain black and polka dot- I wear them with ankle-length denim, but you could definitely pair them with a spring dress.

L.L. Bean Rubber Mocs

These hit a bit higher than the duck skimmers so you can pair with socks if preferred. I was reading the reviews, and people have been wearing these things for decades. Like, the same pair. Needless to say, these are worth the price tag because of the high quality- they are made in Maine, one pair at a time. Make sure to size down if you don’t plan on wearing thick, heavy socks with them.

L.L. Bean Rubber Mocs

SOREL Joan Glossy Wedge Waterproof Rain Boot

I have to include my absolute favorite footwear brand, SOREL. I bought my first pair on a whim, the Joan of Arctics, long before they were popular. I remember reading an obscure article in a style magazine about how an editor discovered them and remarked that it was like wearing a sweatshirt on your feet. I have since purchased numerous pairs of footwear from SOREL, and these gorgeously glossy waterproof boots are at the top of my must grab list. I mean, can you GET any more chic? They have a 2 3/4″ heel with a 1 1/2″ platform, so it isn’t ridiculous to walk in.

Madewell Chelsea Rain Boot

The Chelsea Boot is such a classic style, worn on repeat by the Beatles and Rolling Stones. It dates back to the mid-1800s when Queen Victoria requested a pair of shoes to be made without laces (which kept getting stuck in her stirrups). Madewell has transformed this Brit style into a functional rain boot with a matte finish.

Chelsea Rain Boots

Cheers to embracing the wet weather and staying fashionable while functional!

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