Viva Vintage!

I have shopped at thrift and vintage stores since I can remember. If you knew me in high school, you might recall trips to Goodwill on the other side of town- perfect for wool sweaters, worn in t-shirts and polyester running suits (don’t ask). My taste has evolved since the 90s, but I still adore truly unique, vintage pieces.

My new Wilmette gal pal Susan is co-hosting a vintage shopping party tomorrow, and she let me have a sneak peek into the lovely lineup! She is an incredibly amazing curator of all things chic. I bought this cheetah coat from her at the Wilmette Antiques Show- it is my statement piece that I just happen to wear EVERYwhere (preschool pickup included).

Vintage Cheetah Coat

Check out some of my top picks below, and keep my vintage shopping tips in mind as you peruse the goods. (IF you are interested in shopping this sale, please e-mail or message me below and I will connect you with Susan!).

1. Don’t look for what is “trendy” or currently en vogue- vintage shopping is all about what speaks to you!
2. Look for truly unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else- those that are significant styles of an era or genre are particularly fabulous!
3. Carefully consider the fabric, cut and condition.
4. Sizes might have been different during a different decade so don’t rule anything out.
5. JUST because you don’t see a designer label doesn’t mean the item in question isn’t amazing. Disregard the labels and go with your gut!

Vintage Jewelry Collection

Vintage Jewelry Collection

Vintage Accessories-Gloves, Hats, Clutch

Clockwise from top left: Leather gloves with lace detail, leopard print hat, vintage fabric flower hat, embroidered clutch

Hot Pink Velvet Swing Coat

Hot Pink Velvet Jacket

What are your fave vintage finds?