V-Day Goes Digital

A few people I know don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Hallmark Holiday,” is what they huff whenever it is mentioned. I don’t begrudge them, in fact I kind of agree…but it still doesn’t erase the fond memories I have of getting a little card with a hand-drawn heart on it in the 2nd grade from the current love of my life. I dissected that card, made sure to compare it to the others in my class to see if they also had a hand-drawn heart on theirs.

Take the time today to show someone you love them and I bet they will remember it for years to come. Thankfully, we are in the digital age, and all it takes is one app, a few quick shots and off  your Valentine goes!

For an adorable Valentine, download the Popbooth app (Free). This acts as a mini photo booth on your phone! It takes 4 pics in rapid succession, and the resulting photo is shown below. I helped my son hold up signs spelling out I (heart) YOU!

You can text or e-mail this to friends, or go one step further and paste it on card stock.

Make this Valentine’s Day special for someone that you haven’t heard from in a while, someone who is going through a tough time, or someone who would just love to see a smile!