How to Choose a Unique Mother’s Day Gift

I have thought long and hard about what gifts are appropriate for mom. The basic guidelines (in my opinion) for memorable, meaningful and unique Mother’s Day Gifts are as follows:

1. Get mom something she wants

2. Get her something that needs but doesn’t know she needs

3. Get her something she wouldn’t buy for herself

4. Get her an upgrade to something she already has

5. Give her access to something she loves or something nostalgic

6. Make her something (and extra credit for making her something she can use)

Ok, here are some examples. Mom’s hair dryer breaks. She has been LUSTING after the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, but decides she can just make do with her backup dryer, the one she bought from the drug store when she forgot hers on that last vacation. Or she can’t stop talking about the Neapolitan pizza from Forno Rosso that she ate (five times) when she was in Chicago, but she lives hundreds of miles away. Go in with your siblings to buy her the first domestic countertop oven that produces this exact style of pizza, the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo from Breville.

Another example- you remember all through your youth listening to Beach Boys on repeat in the car, at home, on the boom box on the beach. They are basically the soundtrack of her life. Grab her tickets to Beach Boys at Ravinia this summer, and make a nostalgic picnic full of her favorite treats. Did her mom always have a box of Fannie May Pixies stashed for special occasions? Pop those in and surprise her.

Since I don’t know your mom and can’t nail that personal story, here are a few universal gifts that she probably doesn’t already have and might truly enjoy!

Olive & June Nail Tool Box

Yes, I know it is a lovely treat to grab regular manis at the nail salon. But honestly…you can learn to do it at home with the right tools and save time and money. If the mom in your life doesn’t have the time or funds to hit up the nail bar regularly, get her this all-in-one DIY nail kit so she can perfect her pointers at home. It contains the hottest nail accessory that just hit the market- The Poppy. This genius gadget pops on any bottle of polish to help you steadily paint your dominant and non-dominant hands as well as keep it professional for your toes. If you want to go all out, they have an Everything Box which includes all of the neutral-hued Olive &. June 7 free polishes in addition to the nail tools.


When I get a massage, all I want to do afterwards is curl up and take a nap. Instead, I am booted pretty promptly from the table and have to fight the post-massage wave of bliss to drive home to fighting children. Want to REALLY treat mom? Get her a gift certificate to Soothe, a company that delivers spa quality massages anywhere, especially in the comfort of your own home. Clear your house of all noise and distractions, and give her a few hours to truly relax. Grab some luxe bath oil, a great candle and a summer weight robe to go with it- I adore taking a bath before a massage but rarely get to make that happen. Bonus- if you book it on Mother’s Day May 12th and use code LOVEMOM, you get a free candle. Honestly, this sounds like heaven. Talk about a unique Mother’s Day gift- experiences always top my list and this is one for the books.


Beis Travel Items

If the mom in your life loves to travel, get her ALL THE THINGS from the Beis website. Actress Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) started this company for herself, basically to create all the travel accessories that she needed as an actress on the go. I first found out about this company from her interview on the podcast Second Life (adore, I have listened to EVERY episode, it is all about female entrepreneurs as they change gears). Love that these items aren’t splashed with a logo (no interlocking Cs or LVs here), and Shay has thought of EVERYthing when it comes to functionality. For example, the Weekender (which I am buying myself on April 30th, the minute it comes back in stock) has a separate zipped compartment for your shoes, a top and bottom zip pocket on the exterior that can accommodate roller bag handles OR your passport, a water-resistant lining, and a padded interior laptop sleeve. GENIUS. I am also purchasing the Cosmetic Case, which is spill-proof, has a makeup mirror and contains a pop out brush holder as well as the In-Flight Organizer so I never have to put my hand in a seat back pocket again.

Allbirds Sneakers or Gift Card

Whenever I see someone with shoes that I don’t recognize (because honestly, I have seen them all),  I ask. I was recently on set for WGN and one of the cameramen was wearing these maroon sneakers that had a low profile and looked simply comfortable. I asked, and he launched into a passionate retelling of his experience with Allbirds. Now, if a fairly macho cameraman who is on his feet ALL day long waxes poetic about sneakers, I know there is something special about them! I just bought my husband and I a pair for our Europe trip and I can’t WAIT to see how they fare. A few major things I love about these sneakers:

  • Made with natural materials like wool, which is temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and naturally odor-reducing
  • NO logos. No big swoops, letters or brands on these. Just a gorgeous, clean, streamlined sneaker
  • Machine washable. You heard me correctly, you can put these sneakers in the washing machine
  • No socks required. These are so comfy you can wear them sans socks. They are touted as the Most Comfortable Shoes in the World.

I am testing out the Tree version (made from eucalyptus tree fiber) and grabbed the Wool for my husband. Stay tuned for an update about each of our experiences!


I am a book FIEND. I read every single night before my head hits the pillow, even when I have had a few too many cocktails and can’t see straight. It is the one thing that helps me shut off my brain so I can transition to something different, like sleep. The thing is I am always so disappointed when I am halfway through a book that frankly just sucks. That is time spent that I cannot get back. Here is my list of books that I highly recommend- select a digital version (Yes you can gift these! Right under the Amazon Buy button, look for the “buy for others” option) or physical book depending upon mom’s reading style:

Educated by Tara Westover– This is my absolute favorite book that I have read recently. I was just so flabbergasted by the sheer insanity of Tara’s life (it is a memoir) and what she was able to do in order to overcome her circumstances. It is inspiring, poignant, and jaw-dropping.

One Day in December by Josie Silver- Are you looking for a book with a happy ending, not one of those that leaves you guessing? I won’t totally spoil it, but this is such a fun journey of a book that yes, does end in a happy way. It isn’t overly sweet, and does have enough twists and turns to make it “unputdownable.” If that was a word.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid– Evelyn Hugo exemplifies Hollywood Glamour and what it takes (and what is costs) to rise to the top in this industry. It is a story about fame, fortune, loss and love and will make you think about who people truly are and if they are able to live their truth.

The Idea of You by Robinne Lee– This book is exactly like the tub of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups that I buy regularly from Trader Joe’s. Indulgent, sweet, and a little illicit. It is about a mom who becomes involved with a boy band member (who is 20 to her 39). Ultimate story of how we tend to feel like we disappear as women when we climb towards and tackle our forties. She will devour it! (thank to my friend Shibani for the recommendation)

Charging Bracelet

There are many charging cord bracelets out there, but you still need a power supply to go along with them! this is the first charging bracelet for iPhone that has a built-in battery to give your phone a little extra juice when it is running on E. It comes in 4 finishes (Rose Gold, Silver, Gold and Matte Black) and two sizes (small or medium). Mark and Graham is offering a great deal on this chic tech accessory- is on sale for $109 from $149, then you can enter the code LOVEMOM and get free personalization, shipping and gift wrap.

Turn Back Time

I lust after the expensive face creams because I am definitely getting wrinkles, but hesitate to buy them for myself because most of my money goes towards the kids! Treat mom to a luxury product that helps turn back time. There are a ton of options out there, so pick one that has some science behind it, not one that just has pretty packaging or all the celebs use. I have been noticing a loss of fullness in my face as I age, which contributes to wrinkles. I found Empelle, which addresses the science behind why skin aging accelerates. Emepelle is the first skin product of its kind- it helps moms manage the aging process of their skin more confidently and without scalpels or needles. Collagen, the stuff that helps keep our face full and youthful, gets lost as we age. Emepelle works with the skin without using hormones to restore that collagen. I also use a jade roller, which helps lymphatic drainage in the face and just feels darn good, and have a cute hair band to complete the the nightly ritual. Mom can feel like she is doing a little self-care with something she probably wouldn’t have bought herself.

Help HER With Her Health

I take my children to their annual checkups on time every year. I make sure they exercise, they always have a supply of vitamins on hand, and each kiddo gets the full recommendation of sleep each night. Me? NONE of these things! Who looks out for mom’s health when she is taking care of everyone else? Give her a little basket of things to give her a boost. You can go with any health-related theme, but for me the focus is energy. Here is are some of my favorite items to put in an “Energy Basket” dedicated to giving mom that boost: Eye mask to block out ambient light, weighted blanket to provide comfort, MitoQ for cellular energy, Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce coffee, Deep Sleep Pillow spray.

If you are looking for last minute Mother’s Day gifts, here is my roundup from last year– all are still gifts that I would LOVE! On a budget? Here are some unique Mother’s Day gifts under $100!

Cheers to treating mom to something she wants, and showing her how much you appreciate all that she does each and every day.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links; it does not affect the price you pay, however I may make a teeny tiny commission if you purchase through my site, so gracias.