#TryATrend: Fall Makeup Trends from The Makeup Show

Every year, I attend The Makeup Show in Chicago and get to see the all the latest makeup trends, most of them before they hit mainstream. The incredibly chic show is hosted by James Vincent- no biggie, just that he has worked on every face from Lady Gaga to Reese Witherspoon to Jane Fonda so when he speaks, I zip my lip-glossed lips and listen.

I love how honest James is, and his description of what purpose makeup serves in our lives. “Makeup is a connection. It is a way we help people feel better about themselves, and we {as makeup artists} are with them through the most important parts of their life.”

This past spring many fall makeup trends were showcased, but I wanted to share my top trends to try so you can update your look for the sensational season upon us. FYI- I don’t strictly follow trends. I try them if they fit my style, and ditch them if they just aren’t me. I hope you enjoy stepping out of your sartorial or beauty box on occasion- mix it up and have fun!

Matte Lips

EEK! I know, this is a toughie. I pretty much excluded this trend from my fall lineup until Mr. Vincent encouraged us to give it a shot. I always thought matte lipstick was so incredibly drying, and was a completely dated look. Updated matte lipsticks are reformulated with hydrating ingredients and can absolutely add to your overall aesthetic.

I received a matte lipstick in my goodie bag (yes, I do get an incredible goodie bag after the press show….and yes, I get giddy about it) from Crown Brush. Crown Brush is a professional grade company that is based in Indiana and you got it- they specialize in makeup brushes. Crown also manufactures for bigger brands, so their house line of brushes are high quality AND affordable.

They recently branched out into lipsticks, and luscious line of matte lipsticks are groundbreaking. The color I have on here is Crown Me, a rosy mauve which is ideal for fall. It doesn’t bleed, streak or dry out your lips…simply leaves them looking like the perfect pout you intended all day long.

Glowy Blush

Do you remember how your grandma would apply “rouge”? I think mine used lipstick and dotted it along the apples of her cheeks and blended. Today’s blush trend is all about the lit from with glow. Vincent shared his best blush trick with us- apply blush before foundation so it looks like your skin is glowing. You can add more after, but this is a great way to tone down that fake flush and get a glow going.

Also, you can use multiple blush colors to accentuate different features of your face. I picked up an amazing rose gold blush at the show from Note Cosmetics, and dust it closer to my hairline while keeping pinker colors closer to my apples. It also gives a sun-kissed cheeky glow.

Go with Gel

Most people only dabble in two different types of eyeliner- pencil and liquid. There in an in between medium that goes on gorgeously and generally doesn’t budge: gel. This is a bolder look than pencil but can be a lot of fun for a night out! Gel eyeliner is amazing for a strong cat eye, as well as my fave trend that makes lashes look incredibly full- tightlining. To tightline your lashes, you need to really work product right into the base of the lash and in between indivudual lashes. First, curl lashes then raise the eyebrow with one finger and apply the liner to the roots while looking down slightly. Apply gel to waterline on your upper lid with an eye liner brush. Sounds tricky, but gel makes it a bit more forgiving!

I tried the Senna Cosmetics Smooth Line Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in Plum to make my eyes pop! So odd, by my eyes have turned from blue to green as I have aged, and purple is truly an amazing complement to bring out a green hue.

Industry Favorites

Want to know who the industry professionals vote as their favorites? Here are the winners from the PRO Awards Ceremony! If you are looking for a product to try in one of these categories, this is the list to hit. (I personally own Ardell Lashes, Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation & Concealer, Urban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick, Urban Decay Naked2 and the Kat Von D Setting Powder- all winners in my book!).

Tools of the Trade:
ARDELL LASHES – DUO Lash Adhesive in Dark
Prep and Prime:
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Step 1 Skin Equalizer, Smoothing Primer
About Face:
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Foundation
Concealer Weapon:
MAKE UP FOR EVER – Ultra HD Concealer
The Eyes Have It:
URBAN DECAY – Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Seeing Red:
MAC COSMETICS – Lipstick in Ruby Woo
Lash Out:
ARDELL LASHES – Ardell Wipes
Perfect Palette:
New Kid on the Block:
KAT VON D BEAUTY – Lock-It Setting Powder
Artistry Essentials:
RCMA – “No-Color” Powder
Artist of the Year:
Jordan Liberty

Cheers to stepping out of the boring makeup box and trying a trend!