#TryATrend: Color Changing Makeup

Does anyone remember mood rings? How about mood lipstick? I had both back in the 80s and was amazed by the mystic powers the particular pieces held. There were also the hyper color t-shirts…anyone else learn that it wasn’t smart to wear those in gym class?

There is a new batch of color changing makeup that doesn’t match your mood but works with your pH to tranform into a unique shade that complements your complexion. I totally thought it was a hoax until I tried it, and now am hooked. Here are my two favorites, both from the brand Lipstick Queen! So YAYS QUEENS, give this trend a try!

Black Lace Rabbit Blush

When I saw the color in the compact, I kinda freaked out. There is no way this is going to look good on me. BUT, I had to give it a shot, right? I am transitioning from coral/poppy blush to berry for fall, and the description claims the color is “sheer berry with a touch of golden shimmer.” I tapped a swipe on the apple of my cheek and fell in love. Seriously flattering and immitates a healthy flush.

Mornin’ Sunshine Lipstick

Yep, it yellow. Pretty much the only color I have never worn. Again, I thought this would wash me out, but after coating my lips it turned a gorgeous coral. “SO Magic!” as Abby Cadaby would say (yes, I have a preschooler). Another bonus? It is as hydrating as Chapstick, so your lips don’t go all flaky. I am dying to try Frog Prince, an emerald-hued lipstick that transforms into a rosebud color upon contact. Fabulous for fall, no?

Here is a video showing how the products transform on my skin:

What are your thoughts on color changing makeup? Think you will try this trend?

Cheers to brightening up your face with makeup that plays nice with your complexion!