Top Tech Toys for Kids

Although I adore good old fashioned board games and things that don’t require batteries or electricity, my kids get truly excited about tech toys. If it lights up, makes a sound or spins around, my kids go gaga for it. So which tech toys are worth the investment? I rounded up four that pass my kids’ test, which basically means they didn’t ditch them after five minutes. They are pretty discerning toy critics! These are the top 4 tech toys for kids that will be at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair this weekend- I showed them off to Art Norman on NBC.


Hasbro Star Wars D-O Interactive Droid

My 8 year old is in love with all things Star Wars as many kids his age seem to be. The film series seems to be a rite of passage for young children, a classic that you either adore (my husband) or just don’t get (me). For those who are fans, there are some pretty realistic tech toys that are based upon the movies.

Hasbro recently released the D-O Interactive Droid based upon the little roller droid from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Since this movie isn’t being released until late December, I highly recommend picking this toy up NOW and beating the rush!

Star Wars D-O Droid

The Target-exclusive droid is operated by an app, which I love- no more losing the remote or running out of remote batteries. It is a Target Exclusive and voted one of their Bullseye Top Toys. You can also grab the basic remote model that is less than half the price, but it doesn’t come with BB8. D-O has multiple modes of play such as Chase Mode, Guard Mode and Follow Mode.


Here’s the thing- my kids have dozens of LEGO® sets, and after they put them together they sit on the shelf. What if there was a product that made them come to life? E-Blox, patented technology that is integrated into interactive building blocks, does just that. You can build circuits directly into your projects without wires meaning kids can add lights, sounds and motion.

E-Blox is a range of innovative tech toys that takes a much loved classic (building blocks) and takes it to the next STREAM level. Here is my favorite part- this company is family operated locally- right in Buffalo Grove, IL. Art Seymour is the original inventor who started the company Elenco (Snap Circuits®) with his wife in 1972. His children joined him at E-Blox, Joe as the COO and Jim as the VP and CTO. Together they have over 90 years of combined experience as entrepreneurs, inventors and designers in the educational toy and wireless industries.

I just love their story- I was able to meet Joe and could see how much he enjoyed working with his dad and brother on tech toys that are both educational and fun. (And I think he was nervous about dropping off product for me to show on TV after he saw how obsessed my kids were with it!)

Disney Frozen 2 “Into the Unknown” Elsa Doll

Let me share a secret- I am almost as excited as my 5 year old about Frozen 2. I totally dig the characters, especially Kristen Bell (whom I think would be my BFF if we met up in real life). If you think your child will be re-creating scenes from Frozen 2 for all of 2020 and loves to sing along to the catchy songs, grab this Elsa doll. So many tech toys are geared towards learning, but this is one that is just pure enjoyment.

Elsa’s dress is apparently different in Frozen 2. It is no longer the pale, icy blue but a bold, regal purple. The dress on this Elsa doll is glittery and gorgeous, and also lights up as she talks and sings. AND she comes with shoes, because every girl knows how important the perfect pair is.

Frozen 2 Doll

Elsa says 14 film-inspired phrases and sings “Into the Unknown,” which will immediately become the next “Let It Go.” This doll is intended for children ages 3 and up- ideal for the pre-school to K set.

Neon Ghost Light-Up Scooter

Scooters are the perfect transportation- they appeal to all ages, they aren’t impossible to store/bring with you like bikes, and they are simple to operate. This scooter reminds me of those cars that have Underglow kits installed. You know, like the Ferraris that speed through the streets of Tokyo with neon lights underneath the body?

Neon Ghost Scooter- Lights Up!

These scooters have built-in lights on the deck with matching light-up wheels. Riders can customize the lights from the handlebar with 10 different colors and multiple settings (flash, fade, on). Check out the how-to video here to see the different options. This is one of those tech toys that won’t sit around- your kids will be zooming ’round the block in no time.

Cheers to tech toys for your deserving kiddo. And make sure to visit the Chicago Toy and Game Fair this weekend (Nov. 23-24th) at Navy Pier!

Photos compliments of the awesome Art Norman, NBC.



  1. November 23, 2019 / 11:16 am

    What great ideas. Where were you when my kids were younger? 🙂

    • alldressedupwithnothingtodrink
      December 3, 2019 / 10:10 am

      I am sure you gave them ALL the awesome gifts!!