3 Easy No-Cook Appetizers Sure to Impress Your Guests

I am a master assembler. Not master chef, mind you but I assemble like a pro.

If I hosted a dinner party and wanted to impress my guests, I would serve a ten-course appetizer indulgence. A veritable parade of bite-sized goodies. With appetizers, you can get away with not even turning on the stove or oven- assemble the ingredients in a gorgeous way and serve it up. Here are three easy no-cook appetizers that will impress your guests, and each takes under 10 minutes to prepare.

Mini Gyros

When my husband and I were dating, we would stop at Greek Town Gyros on the way home from the bar and grab a late night snack. I can still taste that tangy tzatziki sauce and perfectly seasoned lamb atop a pillowy soft pita.

Sadly, they closed and sadly, I live in the suburbs with two children so can’t exactly make it downtown at 2am.

If you have guests who love a good gyro, make mini open-faced gyros in seconds! I was sent a sample of Kronos Restaurant Style Gyros Slices to try and created this simple appetizer that is a deviation from the standard meat and cheese platter. I found mini pitas at Trader Joe’s, and stacked the warm gyros slices (they are pre-cooked so just pop them in the microwave),  add tzatziki sauce, a tomato slice, and onion.

Want to prepare something even easier? Kronos also makes Gyros Bites that take 10-12 minutes in the oven. Beef and lamb gyros are mixed with spinach, feta, and red onions then wrapped in a tender yet crispy dough. I serve them alongside tzatziki sauce for dipping.

Feta & Avocado Toast

I know avocado toast is all the rage and I can’t resist this fairly healthy appetizer that looks as good as it tastes! Grab an avocado or two and mash with lemon juice, olive oil, feta and sea salt. Spread on Brioche Toast from Trader Joe’s (divine) and top with thinly sliced radish.

The lemon juice helps keep the avocado from browning, and the feta adds a tangy twist to the mild taste of avocado.

Mascarpone & Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates

Sweet and savory go together as a classic combo. This easy no-cook appetizer combines sweet, savory and peppery to create an addictive taste that impresses even the most foodie-focused guest.

Combine equal parts mascarpone and goat cheese and add pepper and salt to taste. You can also pop in freshly chopped basil for a complex twist. Remove pits from the dates and stuff to overflowing with the cheese mix.You can serve with prosciutto a la Giada, but I love the sweet-savory combo of the dates and cheese straight up.

Cheers to knocking the socks off your guests and still having time to enjoy their company!