The Perfect Family Restaurant: Grill House in Northbrook

Do you dread taking you kids out to dinner at a restaurant? 

I used to have the WORST anxiety, incredibly nervous about the way my children would behave (horrendous a good chunk of the time, TBH), how long the food would take to arrive, how long the bill would take to arrive, and if I would even be able to get a bite in during the meal. Not to mention that most of the food on the majority of kids menus is simply inedible- those mini corn dogs at a certain chain restaurant we frequent? Ummm…pretty gross.

I finally discovered the sweet spot of family dining- Grill House in Northbrook (and no, it isn’t all families in there- my husband and his colleagues frequent the quick dine establishment for lunch since he works around the corner).

Grill House isn’t a fast food restaurant, churning out so-so burgers and fries and sending you on your way. The food is never pre-cooked, so each meal comes out fresh and made to order. The reason the setup works well for families is the ease of ordering, extensive menu and relaxed atmosphere. When you walk in, you order at the counter, grab a buzzer and head to your seat. No waiting endlessly for a server to acknowledge your presence, no trying to flag down someone to grab and pay the bill when the kids get the wiggles 10 minutes into eating.

As for the food, if you can’t find something here you won’t be satisfied anywhere. I counted over 100 menu items, with an unlimited amount of possible combinations. For example, all salads can come in a wrap form, and there are NINE forms of protein that you can add: grilled chicken, grilled sirloin, homemade gyros/chicken gyros, quinoa, grilled shrimp/salmon, falafel or tuna salad.

I ordered the Greek Salad and topped it with their homemade gyros- let me tell you, this is a million times better than your typical 2 am Greek Town pit stop. My husband, who is the king of menu substitutions, omissions and additions due to a keto diet, was thoroughly satisfied with the ability to swap fries for vegetables and add extra protein.

As for the kid’s menu, owner Lou Liagridonis excitedly explained that the majority of it is homemade in their kitchen. Their chicken fingers are real chicken tenderloins, hand-coated in panko breadcrumbs. The kid’s menu staple of mac n cheese? They use only a few ingredients for their Shells n’ Cheese, with creamy Velveeta instead of a neon orange powder. The burgers are 4 oz. cooked to perfection fresh patties, and the spaghetti is the real deal as well. Hot dogs and grilled cheese round out the menu, and they were gobbled up by my kids in seconds.

If you have a sweet tooth, their dessert was simply divine. My children each devoured a brownie/carrot cake hybrid (although I made sure to dig my fork in as well). We also sampled the Baklava (honeyed deliciousness) and Rice Pudding (you can tell this doesn’t come from a can!).

Grill House also offers Family Packs for those who prefer family-style meals as well as a massive catering trade.

If you are in the mood for a restaurant that values high-quality, fresh ingredients prepared to order, I highly recommend a visit to Grill House. Visit them at 3061 Dundee Road in Northbrook!

Cheers to getting out of the kitchen and still enjoying a home-cooked meal!

Disclosure: I was provided with a meal at Grill House for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own as always.