The Mommy Style File: Mom’s Night Out

Q: I am headed downtown for a Mom’s Night Out and want to NOT look like a mom. Any suggestions? 

A: This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart! I am headed downtown in a few weeks with some girlfriends for a little craziness. Although I am the only mom of the group, we are all in our thirties and living “grown up” lives.

First thing to remember is that you are dressing for yourself. Sure, the appraising and approving stares of those around you are a much-needed ego boost, but that is just icing on the cake!

Second, you WILL be self-conscious if you haven’t been out in a while. If you are in a very urban area (ahem, downtown Chicago or similar), the bunnies will be out in full effect at this time of year. You know what I am talking about! Head to Rush & Division and you will get swallowed up in the Viagra Triangle: silver foxes looking for baby bunnies. I should write a children’s book about this! I digress.

Third, pick your most redeeming feature and highlight it. When I was in my early twenties and slightly boy crazy, I played all my cards at once when picking out apparel for the night. Now, I am more refined because I understand that with maturity comes subtlety (most of the time).

My favorite looks?

If you have killer legs from hauling laundry and a 25 lb. 1 year old up and down the stairs, go for a mini dress. Make sure to keep the sleeves elbow length or longer to balance out the miles of toned thigh you will be exposing. Pair with a rockin’ set of heels and hit the streets (in a non-hooker way, of course)!

Scalloped Lace Dress- $24.80 @ Forever 21

If all that breast feeding has left you with 36DDs, embrace your new-found curves. I wouldn’t do a plunging neckline down to your navel, but there are SUBTLE ways to enhance your cleavage without pulling a Pamela. Think more along the lines of Christina Hendricks in Mad Men.

Billie Dress: $78 @ Shabby Apple (Save 20% off everything; use code SUMMER20)

Biceps ripped due to the countless games of airplane you play with your baby? Try a sleeveless shift dress to highlight your amazing arms. Note to all: spaghetti straps are tough to pull off no matter who you are. There is always something bunching up or poking out, so opt for sleeveless instead.

Colorblock Shift Dress- $89.90 @ The Limited ($25 off $75 purchase: use code SAVINGS

As for makeup, again: highlight your best feature but don’t go overboard. A smoky eye and nude lip or basic eye and a ruby red, runway-worthy pout is perfect. Take a spin on Pinterest to get some ideas.

Last but not least, if you haven’t lost the baby weight, don’t try to squeeze yourself into any of your pre-baby clothing. It will leave you depressed and uncomfortable on many levels. You CAN find an amazing dress for $20…and if you can’t, call me. I am always up for a shopping trip!