Swim Schools- How Times Have Changed!

A few years ago, my husband and I were hanging out at a pool party. Unknowingly, a little girl slipped, fell in and almost drowned in just a few feet of water. Luckily my husband jumped in and rescued her, but we were definitely shaken up. Although we didn’t have children at the time, we made the commitment then and there to teach our children how to swim as soon as possible. Drowning is the leading cause of injury death to children ages one to four. Since my parents live on a lake and both of his have access to pools, we have made it a priority this summer to coach our children on water safety and facilitate their ability to become proficient swimmers.

I remember my first swim lessons, and not at all fondly. They were taught at the Saginaw YMCA by Art, an elderly gentleman who had a fondness for tight Speedos. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall him actually getting into the water with me. The pool was absolutely frigid, and I came out with blue lips and green hair every week. To say I dreaded my weekly lesson was an understatement! There I am below, about to whack my knee on the edge of the pool, forcing Art to retire his perch and grab the pole to bail me out.

When I looked for places to take my kids, I wanted to ensure a positive if not relatively warm (literally and figuratively) experience, especially if I was going to have to climb in the pool with Charlotte. I wanted a place where my kids could enjoy and look forward to swim class, but still make progress along the way. I was introduced to Goldfish Swim School, and fell in love with their focus, methodology and tiki chic decor!

Bryson, surfing on the beauty station surfboard bench

Goldfish Swim School, whose core values include integrity,
compassion and trust, recently opened in Evanston (2008 Dempster St,
right next to Temperance Brewery…ahh…NOW you know where it is!).
From the minute I set foot inside this state-of-the-art facility, I knew
my kids would have an incredible swim experience. From the blow dryer station to changing tables in every bathroom, Goldfish has created an incredibly family-friendly venue.

MASSIVE 90 degree pool with viewing area for families
Tiki tables, cubbies, and welcome area complete with candy shop

Here are the main features:

  • Year round lessons for children ages 4 months and up
  • Small class size (Max 4:1 student to teacher ratio)
  • WARM!!! Water temp is kept at 90 degrees, air temp is 92
  • Instructors go through intensive in-house training and lifeguards are Ellis certified
  • Different ages can be in the pool for lessons at the same time (Bryson, who is almost 4, was at one end while I was in with Charlotte, 18 months, in the other)

I will share more as our lessons continue, but I wanted to make sure I let you know about two events they are hosting this week!

Ribbon Cutting with Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl– Thursday June 4th, 11am-12pm with a FREE family swim from 12pm-1:30pm

Grand Opening Party– Sunday June 7th, 2pm-5pm; Highlights includes free family swim, facility tours, raffles, crafts, outdoor activities and more! All are welcome!

**Stay safe this summer no matter where you choose to swim. Here are a few tips on preventing your child from drowning from Chris McCuiston, co-founder and CEO of Goldfish Swim School.**

Disclosure: I was provided with services from Goldfish for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own, as always!