Summer Essentials and Entertaining in San Antonio

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Snacks, beverages and…mosquitos? All of them are a part of summer, but one of these do not belong in your life! Here are some top picks for the first two items on the list, and an excellent way to get rid of the last!

Zevo Flying Insect Trap and Zevo Max

Say farewell to bothersome insects with the Zevo Flying Insect Trap! This cutting-edge device employs UV and blue light technology to attract and trap house flies, fruit flies, and gnats, all without the use of harsh chemicals. With its odorless and mess-free operation, the Zevo Flying Insect Trap is perfect for any room in your home, working 24/7 behind the scenes to help you prepare for any bugs. Whether you’re striving to maintain a pristine living environment or seeking straightforward bug-control solutions, trust Zevo Flying Insect Trap to deliver. Keep your household protected from bugs with Zevo Flying Insect Trap—now available in a starter kit for just $19.99.

The brand’s newest innovation, Zevo Max, gives you the power of 2 traps in 1 device – so that you can attract and catch more bugs in even more places. It comes with a five foot cord to reach specific problem areas within your home. Zevo Max is available for $34.99.

Clausthaler IPA, Grapefruit, ISO 0.0%, AND Original


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