Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer is all about fresh faces, bright colors, a broze glow and flushed cheeks.

My summer makeup routine is quite different than winter, and I am totally ok with that. Summer presents unique challenges such as humidity (makeup melt mishaps), changes in skin color (hello self-tanner!), and searing rays (wrinkle city). Here are my top 5 makeup choices for summer and a few tips to help your look stay put through the hot months!


The thought of coating on a heavy, thick foundation in summer is incredibly unappealing. Unfotunately, my skin needs more coverage than just tinted moisturizer, and since I don’t want to look like Magda from Something About Mary, I need that SPF. I recently discovered Alastin Skincare’s HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF 36).

This miracle worker has a universal tint that enhances most skin tones- it blended right in to my fairly fair skin. It helped create an even skintone while still letting my actual skin show through. To put it to the test, I had my mom try it out as well. She had just spent 6 weeks in Mexico, so her skin was almost caramel in color. The product seamlessly blended right into her skin as well- I couldn’t believe my eyes. She whipped out her phone and ordered it on the spot.

It contains antioxidants, counteracts free radicals, and helps prevent air pollution-induced stress on your skin. Instead of buying a handful of (pricey!) serums, sunscreens, lotions and foundations, this is an all-in-one product that will save time and money…plus it looks and feels amazing.


Summer is the time to test out that new magenta gloss you have been eyeing, or the cute coral liquid lipstick that caught your eye in Walgreens. I like to amp up my lips and go easy on the eyes in the summer, but need to make sure my lips aren’t totally dried out from deyhydration or the sun. I opt for a liquid lipstick or tinted gloss in during the warmer months because bright colors truly show a flaky lip.

I was recently at The Makeup Show, and James Vincent spoke about NYX Cosmetics (first of all, it is pronounced “nicks”…not N-Y-X). This is truly a well-priced brand who has brought their A game to makeup lovers and professionals. I am bringing my A lip game this summer with their Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Pink Lust.

I exfoliate first (toothbrush!) and always moisturize prior to putting on any lipstick, but this stuff seems to stay put and is intense when you put it on. Immediate statement!


A powder blush can be too heavy for summer months and can start to look cakey if you sweat. I received this Beauty Counter Color Pinch Cream Blusher in my Rachel Zoe Box of Style and it is THE BEST. Honestly. I have about 8 cream blushes in my makeup box right now, and this one takes the cake. It is the perfect shade for my skin, truly melts onto your face and doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines. Adore. The color they sent was Hibiscus, and it is the perfect flush.

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style is my favorite subscription box- for $100, you receive a crazy high value of stylish products for every season (it comes every 3 months). I have found some of my most coveted clothing and beauty items in this little black box. Subscribe here– you won’t be sorry!


Since your skin is a major part of your look, I am sharing my favorite sunscreen with you. I received Supergoop!’s new Super Power Sunscreen Mousee SPF 50 to review as part of the #PreenMeVIP program and fell in love. I can’t stand the chemical smell of suncreen sprays, and lotions are a mess and ridiculous to try and rub in. This is the lightest formula of sunscreen I have come across- it is a super airy mousse (think hair mousse, but lighter), rubs in without turning you into Casper and smells divine.

Grab the travel size for your purse- I went to a baseball game with my kiddos and luckily had this on hand for shoulders and faces!

I have blonde highlights. Nope, this isn’t exactly my real shade. I looooooe platinum and champage highlights especially in the summer, but they turn brassy fairly fast with regular washings (PS- I try not to wash my hair for at least 2 days in a row to keep the color and texture on point). The ultimate brass banisher to keep those platinum plaits perfect is Kenra Professional Brightening Treatment. I took a side-by-side photo, one day apart at the same time and place and the difference was stunning.

Before: Brassy; After: Hello, Platinum!

What are your favorite summer beauty products? Anything you adore and can’t survive a sultry season without?

Disclosure: I received Kenra Brightening Treatment, Supergoop! Mousee and Alastin Skincare HydroTint for review purposes but all opinions are honest and my own. I receive dozens of products every month to review and only write about the best of the best!