Holiday Gift Ideas- Stocking Stuffers for Adults

I receive products to discover, test, and review weekly, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE narrowing down my favorites. Some products I receive do NOT make the cut (like a beverage that I literally spit out upon first sip), and some I have incorporated into my daily routine (my face cream). Here are my recommendations- most of these I either have purchased myself, had them sent to me, or know someone who has (and adores) it. More types of gifts to follow, happy shopping for stocking stuffers for adults!

Adult Stocking STuffers

1) Japanese Blade Nail Clippers– once you upgrade to these, going back to traditional nail clippers will feel like using kid scissors.

2) Flexible Water Bottle– I never have enough room for a full-size water bottle in my carryon (and never remember one anyways). I have this clipped to my backpack when I travel- since it deflates when not filled with water, it takes up almost no space. I also have a silicone one that makes the water taste gross- stick with this one!

3) Hot/Cold Spill-Proof Tumbler– Contigo is the leader in spill-proof vessels. Yes, I love my Yeti mug, but dammit…every time I have it in the car I spill it all over myself. I cannot be trusted with something that open. The Contigo Uptown Dual Sip lets you sip cold through the straw or hot through the opening on the other side. Make sure to get the 24 oz size, because you will always wish you had more room (and never less).

4) Cocoa Butter Stick– Every night during the winter months, I have to put lotion on my kids hands and cover them with socks. Otherwise, their poor paws crack and bleed. I just discovered these Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Sticks, which make application easy, and are great for travel (because hotel rooms + dry as the Sahara).

5) Face Oil– So funny how facial products range from drugstore prices (under $10) to luxe tags ($500+). I have become a fan of facial oil recently because it feels so much more hydrating than traditional creams, doesn’t evaporate quickly (I wake up feeling like the product is STILL there), and often contain fewer synthetic ingredients/fragrance than mass-market creams. My new favorite is Palmer’s Facial Oil with Vitamins E, C & Retinol plus a bunch of other good stuff. And it is around $11.

6) Uberlube– This was recommended to me by an OB friend- she said it is the best stuff out there, and many physicians use it at their practice. PLUS- it is locally made, and the bottle is gorgeous.

7) Poo-Pourri– This. Shit. Works. Pun intended. I first discovered the travel size of this product when I went on my first vacation with a boyfriend. It is a MUST-HAVE for this exact trip. Sharing a bathroom with someone for the first time in MEXICO…well, you get it. I try to have one of these in my bathroom at every party. Because shit happens.

8) Invisible Ring Sizers– If you have a relative whose wedding/engagement ring is constantly spinning, these are a must. I remember my grandmother wore rings that were a tad too large because her fingers shrunk as she aged. My engagement ring was a hair too large, and I bought this exact set. Super snug now, and I don’t even know the sizer is there.

9) PopSockets Vent Mount– If someone on your list has a PopSocket on their phone, this mount is a lifesaver. It clips to your vent, and you rest the existing PopSocket in the cradle. Allows you to use navigation in a much safer way- as in, you aren’t holding your phone in one hand and driving with the other. The PopSockets Flexible Tripod & Stand is pretty fantastic as well. And the PopGrip Jump Start Powerbank. Or the PopGrip Stash.

10) Malin & Goetz Dark Rum Hand & Body Wash– I discovered this in the bathroom of a chic restaurant on the north side of Chicago. I washed my hands about three or four times that night because the smell was just that intoxicating. I eventually got this scent in a rollerball, but still love it for hand soap. It is equal parts sweet & spicy and gender-neutral.

11) Scissors– The search for scissors in my house is a daily mystery. Where did they go? Is there a secret place where I will discover a treasure trove of scissors? I have resolved to purchase a 3-pack of decent scissors for myself on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

12) Fels Naptha Laundry and Stain Removing Bar– This product came to market in 1894, and is STILL AROUND for a reason. It is a solid bar of laundry soap that I use for pre-treating/removing stains. I just dampen the spot and scrub a bit with a corner of the bar. Lasts forever, has a pleasant smell, and your grandparents will remember the brand. Again, great for travel, can be used as a traditional laundry detergent.

13) Exfoliating Mitts– I go to a Korean spa and they do a crazy scrub down with mitts like this. The amount of dead skin that comes off is horrifying/fascinating. Soak in the tub for about 20 minutes or more, then go to town with these mitts!

14) Waterproof Playing Cards– My family always plays cards at the beach- it is something all generations can enjoy. Inevitably, one of the kids gets frustrated and tosses a card, soaking it and rendering the entire deck worthless. These are waterproof, perfect for poolside, ocean-side or playing in the tub.

15) Lego Brick Popper– If you have ever had a tantruming 2-year-old demand that you separate Legos before, this one’s for you.

Cheers to buying stocking stuffers that don’t suck!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through a link, I make a small commission. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.