Spring Wellness Trends Part 2

Spring is in the air, and wellness is at top of everyone’s mind. I am the first to admit, I haven’t exactly taken the best care of myself during COVID times. Sitting on the couch, binging Firefly Lane, and eating chips & cheese was way more appealing than doing a Zoom cardio class. Now that the sun is shining and I want all the extra energy to get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather and reconnect with friends I am all about health and wellness. Here are a few more spring wellness trends that I have discovered, hope you are encouraged by the warm weather as I am to get healthy!

Healthy Fat

Yes, this sounds like an oxymoron but if you have ever heard the virtues of the mighty avocado you know that there is such a thing as healthy fat. Certified Sustainable Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil is not a new product by any means, but it is gaining popularity in home cooking. It contains beta carotene (the beautiful red/orange color), tocotrienols (part of the vitamin E family) as well as antioxidants that can help brain, skin, eyes, and heart health. It has a high smoke point so you can use it to make stir fry, eggs and popcorn, and anything that requires high heat. 

I made tofu in the air fryer the other day and used palm fruit oil instead of olive oil- super easy swap! You can purchase it online and in stores, just make sure to look for products labeled sustainable so it is safely harvested in regards to the effect it has on humans and animals.

Fresh and Clean

Listen. This isn’t a topic anyone really wants to talk about, but keeping clean from top to….bottom…is a major deal in my household. With two kids in elementary school who haven’t totally mastered the art of keeping clean, I will use every trick in the book to make it easier.

Natracare’s moist tissues are made of paper so they’re plastic-free and safe to flush because they disintegrate in the water, and won’t harm marine life. They smell great, they come in large, thick sheets, they are super soft and contain soothing aloe vera and anti-bacterial witch hazel. My kids usually use an entire roll of toilet paper, and this has helped them cut down on it by a mile.

Immune Boost

Raise your hand if you are concerned about your immune system. Yep, thought so. Youtheory’s Immune+ Daily Wellness is a powerful formula that helps to support our immune system. It contains vitamins and minerals like vitamin D3, zinc, and 100% of our daily requirement of vitamin C. It also has 6 different types of organic mushroom extracts.

Organic mushrooms contain an active ingredient called beta-glucan, which has been clinically proven to help strengthen our immune system. You can take Youtheory’s Immune+ Daily Wellness every day as it helps to strengthen your body’s natural defenses. I love products that include organic ingredients- I think nature can produce some incredibly potent products!

Keeping Kids Healthy

Every time I go to my pediatrician, she asks my kids if they are taking vitamins. Every time I go to my dentist, she asks my kids if they are taking gummy vitamins. Both medical professionals understand that vitamins are important, but our dentist says that gummy vitamins can be a leading cause of tooth decay in children. I hadn’t found a solution I could get behind until now!

ChildLife SoftMelt Non-Gummy Gummies provide important nutrients like vitamins A, B’s, D3, and E, as well as minerals like zinc, selenium. Kids love them because they come in a natural orange flavor, so they taste great, and parents love them because they are sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners so you can feel good about giving them to your children.

They are called non-gummies because their texture is more like marmalade or jelly so it’s easy for kids to take and in my opinion less likely to get stuck in their teeth!

Follow Your Gut

Research shows that 70% of our immune system is in our gut, and our gut health impacts our overall health — so taking a daily probiotic supplement may help to support both digestion and immune health.

Probulin Total Care Immune has prebiotics, probiotics & postbiotics, and elderberry, which has been shown in the research to have immune-boosting benefits, as well as fermented fruits and vegetables to help support a healthy digestive microbiome. I have taken elderberry supplements for years, so excited to find it in a product that supports gut health!

Stomach Soother

Ok, confession time. I absolutely love to sit at a bar, order a burger, and pair it with an ice-cold beer. Last week I went out and did just this, but ended up with a not-so-awesome feeling after. Heartburn and indigestion soon followed, but I tried aloe vera juice and it helped!

If you have digestion issues such as occasional heartburn, indigestion, and an upset stomach, drinking aloe vera juice can help because it contains antioxidants that help to soothe the lining of your esophagus and digestive tract. Aloe vera is also important for immune support, and when you take it with your supplements, it can help you better absorb nutrients.

Take 2oz 15-30 minutes before eating, or add it to your favorite smoothie or salad dressing. Make sure you’re buying quality aloe vera juice like this one from Lily of the Desert because they specialize in aloe vera and have a range of products to choose from!

Cheers to getting the upper hand on health and wellness this spring- the more we can take care of our bodies, the sooner we will be able to enjoy “normal” life!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.