Spring Ideas for Kids

This season, refresh your routine with a few new spring ideas for kids that are all under $40. I rounded up some items to help with routines, entertain, and make play easy and portable. Oh, and a little idea to help moms on the go, of course…because if we are frazzled, ain’t nobody happy!

Banish the Brush Battle

As parents, we know that getting your kids to brush their teeth (and to brush correctly, not just we the brush and call it a day) is difficult. This can make bedtime and morning routines really stressful, but with BriteBrush kids are BEGGING to brush. BriteBrush transforms this twice-a-day everyday brushing battle into something kids look forward to. Yes, my kids ENJOY brushing!

BriteBrush is the winner of 3 top parenting awards & Good Housekeeping Editor’s Choice for best smart toothbrush for kids. They JUST partnered with Elmo and Sesame Street- the perfect character to capture your kids’ attention at a critical age for learning how to care for their teeth. Elmo’s hit Brushy Brush Song, Tricycle Adventure, Silly Sounds, and Music Maker games are fun and offer live tips to help guide brushing as they play. 

In addition to Elmo, they also have a Game Brush and Baby Shark Brush. You can grab these on Amazon for $19.99 (and I just saw the Game Brush marked down today to $13.99 on Amazon; it has 4.5 stars and 1, 213 reviews- GO!).

Throw a Unicorn Ice Cream Party

The easy-to-build Pinxies Unicorn Ice Cream Truck sparks imaginations and lets kids explore the magic of serving delicious frozen treats to their unicorns for endless build-and-play fun! The Unicorn Ice Cream Truck includes over 150 pieces, Koral with two interchangeable expressions, unicorns Iris and Daisy, an ice cream truck, two signs, multiple accessories, and a sticker sheet for decorating.

Pinxies are STEM-focused- kids will learn to expand their imagination, play creatively, solve problems, and hone early construction skills all with the help of the lovable Pinxies characters. I love that my 7-year-old can build this on her own- no teeny tiny parts included, no super strength required. The instructions are easy to follow, and if kids make a mistake, it is easily corrected (ever try to pull a Lego apart?!? UGH!).

Build a Storable, Portable Slide, Kitchen or Car

OK, MIND BLOWN here! You know that kitchen set in your house? You know, the one that takes up approximately half the square footage of the room it is in and the one your child plays with maybe once a month? Well, WowWee came out with a line of portable, foldable pop-up play sets that easily assemble in 5 minutes…then easily fold for storage.

The set options include a Rainbow Slide, a Sunny Slide, a Kitchen/Nursery (yes, it is double-sided!), a Blue Car, and a Pink Car.

Emergency Energy in a Pinch

The other week, I was downtown in Chicago and needed to call an Uber. ASAP. Unfortunately, my phone was completely dead and I was left completely stranded. I had to head to an Apple store and sneak some charge. I was at Home Depot the following week and saw these ChargeTab Emergency Chargers- I loved the fact that they fit in my purse and I didn’t need to carry an additional cable to charge my phone! I can’t tell you how many times I have had a portable charger and no cable. 

Talk about spring ideas for kids- these make great gift ideas for teens and tweens! They come in iPhone and Android-compatible versions.

These retail for under $6 each at Home Depot, or grab multi-packs online at chargetab.com.

Cheers to spring ideas for kids that won’t break the bank and will keep them entertained!