Spring Has Sprung- Celebrate with Festive Cocktails

I love making new concoctions and try to tailor them to a season, event or theme. Read on to see my latest spring cocktail collection! I have also included an alcohol-free version (imbibing impaired) for those who don’t like alcohol, those for whom alcohol doesn’t like them, those with child…or for those who are a child.

The Brunch Bubbly

I had Easter brunch at my house a few years ago and greeted guests at the door with this dazzler. Run a lemon wedge around the rim of a champagne glass and dip into colored sanding sugar. Scoop a ball of sorbet (my faves are lemon or pear) into the glass and fill with prosecco. Meet your Prosecco Float.

Imbibing Impaired Recipe: Substitute sparkling white grape juice for prosecco.

BONUS: See me making one in my own kitchen by clicking here: 30Second Entertaining: Prosecco Float Spring Cocktail.. This is a video I did for 30Second Mom. Make sure to check the site for additional tips!
The Tropical ‘Tini

Pool boys, coconut-scented suntan lotion, umbrella drinks…this is the stuff summer dreams are made of. Sweet flavored vodkas are all the rage, and this martini uses it to make a decadent dessert-like drink. Take a martini glass and drizzle the inside with caramel sauce. Pour 1 part UV Cake vodka and 2 parts pineapple juice into a martini shaker with ice and put some muscle into it. Strain into the martini glass and garnish with a pineapple wedge and plop a maraschino cherry in the bottom. You have just created a Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini. Dangerously delicious.

Imbibing Impaired Recipe: Substitute cream soda for vodka and be careful when shaking…swirl instead.

Just Peachy

Just like southern men, this cocktail is both refreshing and addictive. Blend up 3 ripe peaches until it looks like applesauce. Mix 1 cup lime juice, 3/4 cups sugar and a handful of mint leaves in a pitcher. Muddle the mixture (aka mash up the mint leaves to extract the oil with a muddler or back of a spoon). Add peach puree, 2 cups white rum and 4 cups club soda…stir and serve your Fresh Peach Mojito over ice.

Imbibing Impaired Recipe: Substitute limeade for rum.

Dressed Up To Drink

I love creative cocktails- a unique glass, a funky garnish, even a clever name can transform it into something memorable. I am taking vodka lemonade up a notch with the Adult Lemonade Stand. Grab an extra large lemon for each of your guests. Slice a small portion from the bottom of each lemon so it is able to stand freely. Slice the top 1/4 off the lemon and scoop out the inside with a grapefruit spoon. You can either use the juice from the lemons or frozen lemonade concentrate for the drink (concentrate is easier). Add 3 cups vodka (citrus if you like), 2 cups frozen lemonade concentrate, and 8 cups ice into the blender. You can throw in some sugar as well if you like yours a little sweeter. Blend and pour into the lemon cups. Garnish with a straw or baby food spoon (they are available at the Dollar Store in bright colors).

Imbibing Impaired Recipe: Use the juice from the lemons, add some sugar and blend with ice.

Wine & Dine

Chilled white wine is so refreshing on a summer afternoon, but how to dress it up? Grab a bunch of organic green grapes, rinse and pat dry, and stick in the freezer. When frozen, put them into a pitcher or decanter and pour cold white wine over them. The grapes act as decorative ice cubes without watering down your wine. You can also try this with organic red grapes in a chilled red wine like the French Beaujolais.

Imbibing Impaired Recipe: Try a refreshing spritzer- limeade with mint and club soda.