Spring Fashion Trend SHORTCUTS!

Want to try out some of spring’s trends, but aren’t ready to make the full commitment? Here are some shortcuts to save you that are already in your closet!

Stacked Bracelets

The more the merrier. I adore this trend but can’t seem to get it 100% perfect. I tried stacking different shapes, sizes and colors of bracelets but either they don’t lay right or don’t mesh well together. I finally grabbed a long chain necklace (by long, I mean it would hit my waist if I wore it single strand) and wrapped it as many times as it would go around my wrist, then added one additional piece. This creates the illusion of stacked chains but with a lot less investment and guesswork!

Pattern Mix-Up

Stripes with florals? Polka dots with plaid? Not so much. Maybe this works on the runway, but not in my world. I think the simplest way to mix patterns is to actually mix a texture with a pattern. I took a cable knit sweater and matched it with sailor stripe pants. This way, I do have two different “patterns” but don’t look like I got dressed in the dark. Lace and any pattern also look amazing, especially when paired with stripes. BTW, I have never seen anything look bad on Blake Lively. Anything. Ever. So annoying.

Black & White

Seems so simple, doesn’t it? This season’s black and white pieces are all about well-cut simplicity. Think about it- what is probably the most tailored piece you own? That’s right, that trusty old black business suit hanging in the back of your closet gathering dust. I have one from The Limited that I  purchased back in um…well, let’s just say not recently. I use the skirt as a basic black piece to mix & match with other items in my closet. Those crisp white button downs? Go monochrome and tuck into a white pencil skirt. That suit jacket? Take a cue from Jessica Chastain: Use as a spring jacket- roll the sleeves to 3/4 length, toss over a white dress and add black heels.


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