Shark Week Party

Anyone else a little bit obsessed with the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Series? On the lookout for Shark Week party ideas that you can whip up in no time?

Shark Week is a week-long programming series on the Discovery Channel– it was originally intended to raise awareness and respect for sharks. This year the series celebrates 30 years and has tons of celebrities on to commemorate the anniversary like Shaq, Bear Grylls, Ronda Rousey, and the cast of Shark Tank.

Why not host your own Shark Week Party? The decor, food and beverages are easy to DIY- a whole lotta Under the Sea action and some fins for decor. Read on for some easy Shark Week party ideas!

Shark Apparel

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, shark apparel is available for all and makes perfectly festive Shark Week Party attire. My favorites are the shark bite bathing suit, the shark sweater I found from ModCloth, and shark hoodies.

Available on, this Shark Bite Bathing Suit modeled by my friend Tina makes quite a splash!

I am wearing this on Fox 32 to talk about Shark Week party ideas- find it on sale on ModCloth!

I mean, you could go sexy shark…this dress is under $30 and can double as a Halloween costume! Sharknado, anyone?

Ok, I would totally wear these– and my kids would definitely steal them.

I couldn’t leave the guys hanging…this shark shirt could look classy with a great blazer!

Shark Bite Cocktail

This is meant to share for sure! I put together a little video of my creation- obviously I used whatever liquor I had on hand that I thought would taste ok together (Deep Eddy…). A cocktail is an essential part of Shark Week party ideas- ingredients are simple and by adding Blue Curacao you automatically get blue water for the sharks to swim.

Grab a fish bowl from your local pet store or craft store and create this Shark Bite Bowl:

5 oz vodka

5 oz. coconut rum

3 oz Blue Curacao

3 oz peach schnapps 

Citrus soda

Nerds Candy

Swedish Fish and Gummy Shark candy

2 oz. grenadineSkinny shot glass

(Optional) Fill the shot glass with grenadine and put empty fish bowl on top; invert. 

Add Nerds to the bottom of the bowl. Add each of the liquors, then fill the rest of the bowl with citrus soda. Add gummy fish and sharks. Slowly release the grenadine shot when serving.

Shark Cupcakes

These are an easy way to celebrate all things shark- the fin coasting through waves is duplicated with this sweet treat.  I used boxed cupcake mix to make it easy- make vanilla cupcakes and     frost with blue buttercream frosting. You can use a moon cookie cutter to create 2 fins by cutting in half before baking. Bake, then frost with grey frosting. Stick into top of “waves.” (Or just color a piece of paper grey and cut out a fin…I promise the cupcake still tastes great!).

Shark Watermelon

If you can carve a pumpkin, you can carve a watermelon! Grab your leftover Halloween carving tools and go to town has a great video tutorial!

Cut 1/3 off the watermelon and stand the remaining 2/3 up on a platter. Cut the mouth first, then go back and add teeth, peeling the green rind off of them. Scoop out flesh and cube, add back into mouth. Scoop out two eyes with a melon baller and use cherries for eyes. Fashion fins from the rinds and attach with toothpicks.

Shark Playlist

You can grab one on Spotify or make your own! A few samples are “Maneater” by Hall & Oates, “Shark Attack” by Limp Bizkit and “Fins” by Jimmy Buffett.

Shark Education

The Shedd Aquarium offers a series of videos that bring the underwater world of a highly populated shark sanctuary in the Caribbean region to you via the Internet. Visitors can also dive deeper into learning more about these top predators and how they can impact their protection and survival.

Check it out here:

They also have a Shark Feeding Tour at the aquarium, which is a 90 minute guided exploration which includes shark mealtime.

They also have an incredible campaign, #SheddtheStraw, which aims to educate consumers about the impact of plastic drinking straw usage and provide actionable ways to make a difference. Giving away reusable straws would be an ideal Shark Week party idea favor.

Cheers to celebrating one of nature’s most mysterious animals!


Photo Credit: The last 4 images are compliments of Shedd Aquarium.