A Hint of Sexy Style for Valentine’s Day

Ok. I will be perfectly honest. Although I love Valentine’s Day, I don’t celebrate it with my husband…but this doesn’t stop me from putting together a few sexy, stylish looks to celebrate the day! I am all about looks that show a hint of sexy, a little skin here and there, a slit or exposed collarbone. I also enjoy taking a trend that every model is strutting down the runway with and transforming into something that I would wear and could afford.

Cold Shoulder

I am 35, very soon to be 36. This is just a personal opinion, but I am not comfortable showing massive amounts of cleavage at this point in my life. I think it has something to do with having children. Who knows. Some women put it all out there- more power to you. March on. I like to be a little more subtle at this stage in my life, so some shoulder action is the ideal way to work it. I think exposed collarbone without boobs in your face is pretty damn sexy.

I bought my first bodysuit in a few decades and I LA LA LOVE IT! I don’t have to tuck in my shirt, worry about lovely love handles poking out, and I can still move pretty easily. This was from Akira, but I know the bodysuit trend is fairly widespread in most stores.  Grab one for less here at Little Mistress, my new UK fashion discovery! When you shop through my Maven boards, you can use the promo code MAVENLM15 for an extra 15% off.

Here I actually made my off-the-shoulder into a one-shoulder look. How? I just left one of my arms out and secured it with fashion tape! What a fashion miracle, right? I paired it with an a-line gold fringe skirt from Ella Louvi, a plain gold collar, tassel earrings and a darker red lip. The side braid with curls gathered at the side was adorable- I wish I could accomplish that by myself!

This extremely handsome gentleman by my side is Gideon Akande, the Next Top Trainer for Men’s Health. He was VERY nice about the fact that I haven’t worked out since the 90s and that I ate 5 sliders in a row that night.

A Little Lace

I see women strut down the runway in lace or mesh shirts with nothing underneath. I know that runways aren’t real life, but um…seeing someone’s nipples through their shirt certainly detracts from the overall effect, amiright? I adore wearing a lace shirt or shell with a nude bra underneath. It is still sexy, and people would have to stare pretty hard to determine exactly what you’ve got going on under there.

IMHO, red lace is a little too obvious, so black, white, dove gray, blush or navy are great options. I paired this white lace shell with a grey sweater skirt, grey specs and a pop of pink crocodile print purse. Make it easy and wear a lace dress- no matching!

Photo:  Jonathan Zuluaga Photography

Heavy Metal

Oh how I love to dress head to toe in black. It is slimming, it always matches, and spills go undetected. But honestly…it gets a little boring. Bring a little heavy metal into your look with a metallic pleated skirt! I purchased this one and have worn it on repeat. In the winter, you can pair it with a slim sweater tucked into the waistband, and transition it to summer with a lacy camisole. If you are curvier on bottom and don’t like how pleats drape, jaquard is a fantastic fabric that is heavy enough to smooth everything out. Also, a mid-calf length is perfect- you are still showing those toned calf muscles you got from running up and down the stairs 5 million times a night when your kids refuse to stay in bed.

Whatever your style is for Valentine’s Day, I hope it makes you feel confident and sexy. We all deserve to feel that way! 

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