Sensational Summer Sips

Summer is upon us, and I  have found a few sensational summer sips to enjoy during the warm months. Check out my picks, and try a few during the sunny summer days and nights1

Celsius Essential Energy

The 3pm slump is real even when the sun is shining. Celsius Essential Energy is a better-for-you premium energy drink that uses high-quality ingredients like green tea and guarana. I am not usually a fan of energy drinks- they tend to taste…like energy drinks 😉 Thankfully, Celsius has delicious flavors like Peach Vibe and Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear. With zero grams of sugar and clinically proven to accelerate your metabolism, this is the perfect pick for a pick-me-up!


In the mornings, I start out with a cup of coffee and take ten minutes to sit on my back porch and wake up while the sun shines and the birds sing. I recently listened to the Huberman Lab podcast that talked about how important it is to get sunlight soon after waking up. I started using the Jura J10 and it has taken my mornings to an entirely different level. Best thing about this system? It makes BOTH my hot favorites and cold brew creations! No more watery iced coffee. The grinder recognizes what you have selected- hot or cold- and instantly adjusts for the perfect grind. I have started sipping on a cold brew around lunchtime for a delicious boost.

Schöfferhofer Happy Pack and Juicy Pineapple

Colorful beverages are part of summer, but many are incredibly sugary or fake-tasting. I talked about my favorite colorful, flavorful beer beverage last year and it is back and better than ever this summer. Schöfferhofer, known for the first Grapefruit Hefeweizen beer, has come out with the Happy Pack just in time for summer. It features 3 11.2oz cans of Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Wild Cherry. They also just launched Juicy Pineapple- the ideal way to transport yourself to the beach without leaving home.

Cheers to sipping your way through the summer months!