Season Your Wardrobe: Summer Through Winter

I adore this time of year; the sun is out as well as the sales! So many great deals, so little time (and money for most of us). It is time for another edition of Season Your Wardrobe: carrying you from summer to fall and on into winter.

I strongly believe in versatile purchases. If I invest in a piece of clothing, I want it to last more than a season…and often through the year. Here are my selections for snagging end of summer deals and stretching the style on into the brisk months!


If you haven’t cracked a fashion magazine or watched E! lately, there is a slight chance that you haven’t noticed the influx of leather on the runways and glitterati. Leather for summer you ask? Yep. Doesn’t sound so hot (or actually, too hot!) so it depends on how you wear it. From pencil skirts to shells, leather is taking on new dimensions. Check out this adorable faux leather pleated mini skirt from Oasis:

Oasis Faux Leather Pleat Skirt- $44.74 @

The camel color is as unexpected as the pleats, and the elasticized waist band makes for a forgiving fit. It is the cornerstone of my seasonal looks below!


"Season" your wardrobe- Summer


"Season" your wardrobe- Fall


"Season" your wardrobe- Winter

For details on where to purchase all of these AFFORDABLE items, head to my Polyvorepage!