A Royal Do

Tomorrow is the big day! No, baby isn’t due…it is the Royal Wedding! My friend S and I will be up at the crack of dawn celebrating with many other fans, reliving our own weddings and being just a teensy bit jealous of Kate and her new life. I was only 6 months old when Di wed that sneaky b@stard Charles, so although I am sure I was awake for the wedding, I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it.

I will be making cherry almond scones and sipping a cup of Vanilla Almond Rooibos to toast. Normally I would take the chance to sip a mimosa, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
Here is my scone recipe for those interested parties; thinking of drizzling on Martha Stewart’s Petits Fours glaze as well:

Simple Scones

I thought a review of some Royal Dos and Don’ts would be appropriate for the day, especially since Kate has been coined as an international fashion icon, but I had to change my plan after scouring images for any Kate Don’ts! I actually thought of something much more fun- a fashion montage of the scarily similar fashion photos of Di and Kate.

Di didn’t always start out this way, though; in 1982, a London newspaper put her on the list of the 10 Worst Dressed Women! One of her big mistakes early on was the monochrome look- red tights, red dress, red shoes…you get the picture. She then sought the help of a Vogue editor and slowly turned that fashion frown upside down to be named to the International Best Dressed List’s Hall of Fame in 1991/1992.

Mad Hatter

Kate favors Irish milliner Philip Treacy, who is the Jacob of the hat world.      

Evening Wear!

Is it Chanel? Is it Dior? Nope! BCBG! Kate chose an off-the-rack BCBG jersey dress in turquoise for the Boodles Boxing Ball      

Couple Time!

 18 carat sapphire and diamond sparkler.

Out and About

 Chic and relaxed daytime fashion; clashing decades won’t let me comment on who wore it better!