Resolution Reboot

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.

Right around now is when resolutions start to wane. Three weeks in, and either the habits have started to stick, or you are seriously considering throwing in the towel. January 19th is unofficially “Quitter’s Day,” and about 80% of resolution-setters abandon ship by the second week of February. Here are some resolution reboot products that can keep you on track, or get you started!

products to help reboot your resolution

Extra Energy

The biggest reason I don’t do things or follow through with my plans? Lack of energy. Honestly, I had to take a nap before I put my kids to bed last night. By the afternoon, I am just DONE. Coffee makes me jittery, so having a cup of that around 3 just puts me in an anxiety tornado. And remember those crazy caffeinated drinks we used to chug in our 20s? *Shudder* Talk about insanely unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Celsius is the better-for-you premium energy drink. It has high quality ingredients like guarana, ginger and green tea, zero sugar, and 7 essential vitamins. It is backed by scientific studies– yeah, done by accredited scientific research facilities, so it isn’t just a bunch of caffeine in a can.

Celsius energy drink

They are also designed to be consumed in combo with workouts, and have a few different products to fit your needs. My favorite flavors are Kiwi Guava and Tropical Vibe.

Increased Hydration

I think increased hydration is on everyone’s resolution list, year ’round. Who gets enough water!? Experts say women should drink 91 oz. and men, 125 oz. per day. And the thing is, you have to go to the bathroom every five seconds when you drink that much, so how does anyone get anything done?

Well, I still haven’t figured out the answer to that question, but I have found ways to fit more water consumption into my day. A big reason why I don’t drink more water is because the water from my faucet just tastes really bad. I live in a house that is over 100 years old. Original plumbing. Think about it…how gross those pipes must be. Rust, lead, contaminants. And yes, I do have a big water pitcher with a filter, but it takes forever for the water to move through it.

Water bottle with filter

One of my favorite resolution reboot products: Astrea has water bottles with filters built in, and they filter while you drink so you can immediately sip fresh water. Their filters clear out toxins, contaminants and even pharmaceuticals that are all found in tap water. And yes, you might have filters at home, but what about when your kids go to school or sports? They are filling their water bottles at the drinking fountain, and who knows what is in that water.

Water bottles are available in stainless steel ($39.99) and Tritan plastic ($24.99), and you can grab them on Amazon. Just ONE Astrea filter eliminates 225 plastic water bottles, which if your resolution is to reduce waste, you just found a way to NAIL IT.

Healthy, Glowing Skin

Lack of sunlight. Cocktails. Forgetting to take makeup off before bed. Lack of humidity. All of these bad habits and environmental issues can wreak havoc on your skin, and leave it looking dull and lackluster. One thing that gets my skin glowing is a workout. Throw a little cardio in my day and my skin is GLOWING! But. My hair is then sweaty and my body, stinky. Not going anywhere but the shower after that.

clean beauty skin products

Herb + Flora presents a solution: The Potion. This clean beauty line has clinically-proven naturally-derived ingredients to mimic the anti-aging effects of exercise on the skin. All the glow, no cardio! The Potion speeds up skin’s daily recovery, so newer, younger-looking skin is revealed.

In addition to simply making my skin look luminous this year, I am on a mission to monitor what goes on my body in addition to what goes in it. I’m on the hunt for more clean beauty products- from haircare lines like Captain Blankenship to skincare like Herb + Flora. These have definitely give me a resolution reboot!

Beauty Routine

Your brows and lashes truly frame your face, and can make the most difference in your appearance IMHO. After many months of IDGAF about my looks, many people are now emerging from COVID hibernation and putting some effort into their appearance.

Honestly, when I look better I feel better. I had COVID over Christmas, and I went for um….a while without even looking in a mirror. When I started to feel better, I hit the shower, styled my hair, spent some time on my makeup and felt like a completely new person.

Brow and lash serum

Creating beauty routines is a gratifying way of taking care of yourself, and gives you some structure. RapidLash has a few products that help strengthen and nourish brows and lashes, which are on display in the days of mask-wearing. Using their products regularly, just once daily, can have a dramatic impact on your lashes and brows. Just looking at the before and after photos gets me giddy to have fuller brows after over-plucking for years! Also, love that you can pick this product up at CVS– no need to head to a specialty store.

Cheers to rebooting those resolutions and finding ways to make them stick!