Reset and Resolution Helpers

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honeset and my own, as always.

January. A time for new beginnings. Or just continuing the same ol’ shit in a different way. Or setting yourself up for failure. Or realizing that you’re pretty awesome just the way you are. However you look at it, January is definitely a month to try out a reset– everyone is hibernating, the world is on lockdown, and you are completely allowed to focus on yourself. I teamed up with BabbleBoxx, a leading marketing agency that works with people in the know to identify trending and coveted products. Here are some reset and resolution helpers that came highly recommended by their team of scouts!

Reset and resolution helpers

Love the Skin You Are In

Honestly, if my outside doesn’t look and feel so fabulous, my inside often matches that mood. When I take the time to really care for my skin, I am more comfortable and confident all around. Yes, that may sound like a line of BS, but for me it is true. Think about it…do you feel better with dry, flaky, itchy skin, crusty, cracked lips or smooth, hydrated and comfy? I used a hydrating body scrub in the shower recently, and for the first time wasn’t subconsciously scratching my arms and legs all day long.

body care

Tree Hut is a family owned and operated brand offering US-made skin and body care. No parabens, sulfate-free and vegan. I am a major fan of their scrubs and shea butter-based products, and their scents are spectacular. No fake-smelling stuff here, everything is scented on-point. And their scrubs use real sugar instead of sharp, skin-harming nut shells or envorironmentally unfriendly microbeads.

Journal and Organize

One of my goals this year is to increase my journaling as a way to empty mind of the swirling thoughts. The simple act of transfering my worries/anxieties from my head to paper is so cathartic, and can truly help me see it from a different perspective. The odd thing? If I don’t have a good pen or high quality notebook that is spaced correctly, I can’t focus. Ridiculous, I know. But when you have all the right tools, things can flow so much easier and it becomes more of a joy than a chore.

Journaling set

I created my own journal- I bought a blank one online, made sure it had thick, high-quality paper that felt good to write on, and embossed a favorite quote of mine from Jay Shetty on the cover. Every time I pick it up, I am inspired to think in this way. Pick a quote from your favorite author or inspirational figure and write it on the cover!

Jay Shetty Quote

Zebra Pen offers a Journaling Pen Set to give you a variety of items to match your mood and organization style. It is perfect for general journaling, bullet journals, hand-lettering if you want to get fancy, and IDEAL for organization- planners, calendars, you name it. I even have a journaling chair in my room and set up a basket with these Zebra Pens and my journal right beside it and everyone in my household knows that stuff is off limits…nothing more frustrating than being inspired to journal and finding out your kiddos have stollen your supply!

Healthy from the Inside Out

What you put in your body has a direct reacting to how your body feels and looks. Eat crap? Feel like crap. I am in the process of vetting vitamins, supplements, and other nutrition elements to see what works for me. I love brands that have been around for a while and aren’t relying on trends or products that haven’t been researched.

Shaklee is a leading national nutrition company whose tagline is: Where Health Meets Science Meets Nature. They are dedicated to surpassing the US Standards for medicines and foods (USP). Hundreds of patents and scientific papers back their products. Eco friendly? Yep, they are the OGs in this industry, laying claim to being the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral.


I have had issues with maintaining healthy hair and nails, and am trying out their Collagen-9 currently. It is the most complete collagen product, adding in Biotin, Vitamin C and all 9 essential amino acids. I’ll report back on my results!

Heart-Happy and Brain Boost

I’m a fan of smoothies, juices, and things I can generally pick up, drink and feel good about consuming. I don’t want to have to sit there and read a label to see if there are added sugars, weirdo artificial colorings (which I am allergic to, as are many people), or fake flavoring (just gross).

Heart and brain health

Beetology is a line of 100% organic cold pressed beet and veggie juice that boasts benefits for your heart, blood pressure and brain. There are only 5 ingredients, no additives, artificial colors or flavors, and make consuming veggies as easy as possible. For something zingy, try the Beet + Lemon + Ginger. For something sweet/tart, try the Beet + Cherry!

Sober Curious

I love this term and totally identify with it. I started my sober-curious journey a couple of years ago, before the pandemic hit. Then yes, I abandoned it in the midst of the 2020 dumpster fire, but am back in the sober saddle for the most part. I experimented with decreasing my alcohol content after basically feeling like crap from multiple nights in a row of alcohol cosumption. Not even over-consumption, but the cumulative effect of poor sleep, headaches, and dehydration just made me less productive, more exhausted, and pretty short-tempered. I wasn’t at my best.

zero alcohol spirit

This November, with the holidays approaching, my boyfriend and I dedcided to explore other options for cocktails. A friend of mine had done extensive research (re: she just tried a bunch of stuff), and found the Monday brand of non-alcoholic spirits. They are on a mission to shake up the modern drinking experience, focusing on flavor as opposed to the effects of alcohol. They are booze-free, but still capture the flavor profile of a classic London Dry spirit. They are feature zero carbs, zero sugar, and zero calories, so it fits right in with other healthy resolutions. Current offerings include a Gin and a Whiskey.

Here is a botanic non-alcoholic cocktail to try, compliments of Monday:

Rosie’s Gin

  • 2 oz. Monday Gin
  • 3/4 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice
  • 3/4 oz. Rosemary Syrup*

Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a coup (because they are fancy, and always make you feel sophisticated ;).

*To make Rosemary Syrup: Add 1/2 cup each water and sugar to a saucepan with 2 T chopped rosemary over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved; strain and let cool.

Cheers to a January reset and resolution helpers that don’t judge- they are just there to cheer you on while you navigate the path that best serves you!