Real Life Style

So a friend and I were discussing how impractical a lot of style bloggers outfits are for real life. I admit- I sometimes photograph an outfit, then realize I can’t sit on the floor with my kids to play Ants in the Pants so I change after I snap pics. There are fashionable ways to integrate practical heel and hem heights into your wardrobe- polished yet playful. Here are a few ways that I manage!

The Sneakers

After we took a walk on the 606 yesterday, my friend A and I headed to a long-time favorite store of mine- The Aldo Outlet. I used to live in Bucktown and frequented this hidden gem but haven’t been there in almost a decade. I was on the lookout for metallic sneakers, and struck gold…or silver in this case… at this store.

I needed sneakers I could sprint after my toddler in yet didn’t scream TOURIST (you know what I am talking about- those gleaming white Nikes tourists wear in Europe with khaki shorts and long socks…that look should be banned, I digress). I grabbed these shoes for ten dollars- told you this store has amazing deals!

The “athleisure” look is hot right now, and I am all for it. I paired my new pewter kicks with this knit dress from Zara. Since it has a pewter chain detail at the neckline, it was a match made in heaven.  The Coach bowler bag adds to the athletic vibe- a gift from my husband on our wedding anniversary (total surprise, I was hoping for a card at the most, well done!) Fabulous fall fashion with a little funky edge thrown in!

And since we are talking real life style…I usually do my outfit photos when my oldest is at school, and Charlotte runs around behind the camera. She wanted to hop in a shot, so here she is…in Cubs gear and all!

The Tights

Remember that super cute ultrasuede skirt that I showcased last week? Well…don’t wear it on a windy day. And if you do, make sure you are wearing cute underwear. Yes, I flashed a group of unsuspecting park district attendees recently. Sorry about that. I will now be wearing fleece-lined tights on any days when wind gusts get above…oh a mile an hour. My favorite are the ones from Francesca’s– they come in black, gray and navy and have lasted a few years for me. At $12 a pop, this is an affordable staple in my winter wardrobe! Many people swear by the fleece leggings at Walgreens as well- check out my friend Lisa’s rave review on Shop Girl Daily. At 2 for $10, this is a no brainer!

The Hats

I had ten minutes to get ready yesterday. This included a shower. Did I have time to do my hair? Nope. If I know my hair is a total mess, a hat is a perfect solution and I have had a lot of success finding affordable thrifted ones at Savers. Each of these were under $5, and they are wool or felt.

Tip: To prevent hat hair, part your hair on the opposite side before popping a cap on. This will keep that volume when you switch it back.

Although these hats are adorable as is, I wanted to put a little DIY twist on them. For under $10, you can have a custom winter hat that will class up any outfit! Simply grab your favorite style wide brim hat, a men’s tie and a decorative earring (I used one whose mate had long disappeared…happy to upcycle!)

Wrap the skinny part of the tie around the base of the hat, cut off excess and fold under securing with a hot glue gun. Break off the post of the earring and affix the earring it to the band with hot glue. Done!

What is your real life style like? Do you wear sneakers with skirts? Just hang out in worn jeans and a vintage t-shirt? Whatever makes you feel comfortable yet fabulous is a winner!


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