#OOTD: Geting Graphic

Black and White. I think it is the ultimate color combination. Although colors are usually the in thing for spring, I think a bold graphic B&W print can feel fresh for the warmer weather. I headed into the Banana Republic Outlet on a quick shopping trip while I was in the Dells and found this gorgeous pleated midi skirt that I will be playing favorites with this season. SO many options, so few limitations! LOVE. It was around $40, so right on the money! I also lusting after this style at Banana; add in a little cobalt with a flower print and call me a happy gal.

As for the sweater, I have a thing for mixing textures and prints. I can’t do the bold plaid and massive floral print mix thing- I am not in the master class yet. This sweater is so chic because from the front it looks fairly tame with almost net-like sleeves, but the back is full on holy-moly. If you want to put in a pop of color in the form of a bra, you could definitely make an impression when you leave! This is from Marshalls- under $30.

These sunglasses are Dolce & Gabbana, my only pair of designer
sunnies. I received them in my surprise LUCKYOOX shipment- you pay $150
for a box of random designer stuff (see my review on Shop Girl Daily). The hair is what I call the “blogger topknot”…this is an excellent second day hair style. Since my forehead isn’t my favorite feature, I pull a lock of hair from my part across and pin it at the nape of my neck.

 These earrings are Perry Street from RocksBox- although they were out of my earring budget range, I HAD to keep them. Ladies, when multiple other women compliment you on a new piece, you need to keep it, am I right? If you want a free month of RocksBox (the jewelry rental site- usually $19/month) check out my review on Shop Girl Daily and use the code shopgirldailyxoxo. 

Now the clutch is a true impulse purchase, and probably one of my absolute favorite buys. I picked it up an in import store on my way to an event- I was driving down the street, spied it, and pulled a (semi-legal) u-turn to buy it. At under $30, it is the perfect accent piece. The bangle is from a thrift shop, and the cobalt polish is Color Club- came in my Birchbox.

The shoes! These peppy pumps are from Target (Mossimo) and have a little zipper up the back.

What are your favorite looks for spring? What clothes make you happy? Let me know!



  1. April 6, 2015 / 6:54 pm

    LOVE you in this look! So much mixed print goodness is happening here! XO


    • April 7, 2015 / 12:34 am

      THANKS Anna!! I am so inspired by all of your gorgeous looks! I think we need spring fashion photo shoot with all our faves soon 🙂