New Products to Try

I always love testing out new products to see what is worth the hype, and what doesn’t live up to the accolades. I have a few products that I recently talked about in Miami, and loved each one of them! From accessories that give back to haircare that keeps your sun-soaked tresses looking lovely, check these new products to try out!


I have been ordering oatmilk for the past 6 months in my coffee. Truth- I never knew what oatmilk was and thought it must taste like watery oatmeal. Ummmm no. It is actually thicker than the milk I am used to, the consistency is somewhere between 2% and whole milk. The way it is made is pretty simple- whole or steel cut oats are blended with water, then strained. It is also sweeter than other non-dairy options, and often sold unsweetened or sweetened with flavor like Vanilla.

I started buying oatmilk creamer for my coffee because I didn’t like the consistency or taste of the other options. Almond milk creamer was almost chunky *shudder* and I didn’t like the taste of soy. I was sent Planet Oat Coffee Creamers to try, and will be buying them from now on! Coffee Cake, French Vanilla and Caramel are the three flavors they offer, and you can grab a coupon here. They retail for $3.99 for 32 oz, which is MUCH less expensive than other options I have tried!

Apple Cider Vinegar

My hair is fairly thin, and I use a ton of product to add volume and thickness most days. The products tend to build up and weigh my hair eventually, and I need something to deep clean my strands and scalp or else I end up wearing hats 24/7 (see below). Using straight Apple Cider Vinegar alone is a gamble, I think it is too harsh for my hair- the acid can really dry it out. I found a product that contains it as an ingredient, but uses it safely in order to protect your tresses.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo combined with their Coconut/Avocado Conditioner has worked wonders on my hair. It left it shiny and actually smelling great (no, it doesn’t smell like vinegar- it is actually fruity). I have color treated hair, and it didn’t dull my blonde. Grab it on Amazon here!

Deep Conditioning Masks

I have been lightening my hair since I can remember, and if I don’t take care of it, the ends become fried. I mean, it looks like the ends of a broom. Deep conditioning masks are absolutely necessary in my opinion if you bleach your hair, and pretty important color it whatsoever. I always have to make sure that any product I use doesn’t contain sulfates, ammonia, or parabens, which can all end up doing more damage to your hair.

No Fade Fresh has a BondHeal deep conditioning mask which uses plant-based ingredients to truly heal the bonds of each strand. It repairs and strengthens in 2-5 minutes, and can be left on for 20 minutes for incredibly deep conditioning. I love products that work even if you only have a couple of minutes to spare, but can also deliver additional benefits when you have time.

Canvas Totes

I have plenty of tote bags. Why? Because I have purchased inexpensive ones that seem to get destroyed after a season. I am extremely tough on my totes- between sports equipment, work tech, and road trip essentials, I add a lot of weight and bulky objects. I have found that canvas totes are the ones that stand up best, and a bold geometric print in classic colors is both on trend and timeless.

Ubuntu Life is line of ethical fashion accessories that combine unparalleled quality with the ability to provide meaningful, full-time employment for people in Kenya. I have the tote and pouch, and just ordered their Knobbed Metal Cuffed Bracelet after reading about how it is made.

Cheers to discovering new products that bring a little joy to your life!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own, as always.