NEW FEATURE! The Mommy Style File; Today’s Feature- Get Ripa’d

I will be adding a new feature to all dressed up with nothing to drink called The Mommy Style File! Each post will include tips to help you keep your sense of style while still maintaining your Mommy of the Year status.

Do you have fashion/style-related questions? Now is your chance to ask! Wondering what attire is age-appropriate? How to dress your child in adorable outfits without going broke? How to get that pre-baby bouncy cleavage back as opposed to the IHOP-esque stack you are now endowed with? Let me know! I will tackle a new question each week, so feel free to text, e-mail, tweet, message me or comment with your questions. Can’t wait to hear them!

This is an age old question that my girlfriends and I have discussed at length, ad nauseam:

Q: I see all of these mom celebrities who look fantastic. I don’t understand how they are a “mom” in the clothes that they wear!

A: Kelly Ripa is my favorite example of a stylish mom who hasn’t lost touch with reality. See below how to…Grab Kelly Ripa’s look!

Get Ripa’d

Kelly Ripa is one of the most hands-on celeb moms- I know this because we are BFFs (but she might not know it, though…hmm…that just might get weird). I have broken down Kelly’s outfit below into manageable, affordable, versatile pieces. Steal this look for summer!

Get Ripa'd!

I love Old Navy’s tanks- they have upgraded the material- thinner but with a nice amount of stretch and VERY affordable for when disaster strikes.

As for the skirt, I never wear anything that is past my knee when I am with my little one if it is fitted. Forever 21 does make some decent apparel for moms- don’t be afraid to check it out!

The shoes- I can’t teeter on those heels that Kelly does, so I generally opt for wedges.

Necklaces- If you have a teething child like I do or one that loves to grab EVERYTHING, check out Chewbeads. They are made with 100% silicone (similar to pacifiers & nipples), BPA-free and have a breakaway clasp.

Bag- This Converse One Star bag is over-sized and versatile enough to be a combo diaper bag/purse.

Sunglasses- I never go anywhere without oversize shades. They cover all manners of sins!