National Nutrition Month- Denver

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own as always.

March is National Nutrition Month, and spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate your eating habits. Here are a few items to help keep you on track!

Sun Neuro

Take proactive steps toward long-term brain health with the latest nootropic, Sun Neuro- a scientifically validated daily supplement promoting cognitive protection and performance. As we age, our bodies naturally produce less plasmalogen, which can result in memory loss and other degenerative brain health issues. Backed by the latest science, Sun Neuro is made up of natural plasmalogens to help improve your daily cognitive performance and fortify your neurological health–supporting memory, attention, and creativity. 

KeaBabies 3-Pack Prep Silicone Suction Plates and 2-Pack Prep Silicone Bibs

Not all food grade silicone are made the same. Our silicone products are made with 100% food-grade silicone without fillers. Therefore, they pass the ‘pinch’ test, ensuring that our silicone does not turn white when stretched and pinched. Our products are approved by the FDA and LFGB (the EU equivalent of the FDA).

I adore these bibs and plates- makes prep and cleanup a lot easier on caregivers!

Minute Rice Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa Cups

A winner of Better Homes & Gardens 2024 Food Awards, Minute Jasmine Rice & Red Quinoa Cups are tasty, easy, and ready in 60 seconds. I love using these cups as a base for a hearty salad or rice bowl- simply add lettuce and protein for a quick, easy, delicious meal. You can also use them as a burrito filling, or as a filling for stuffed peppers!

Toufayan Bakeries Pita Bread

Toufayan Pita is the best pita on the market. It’s authentic and delicious. Stuff pita with meat and cheese for delicious sandwiches that are easy to hold and eat. They make a great pocket for sandwiches, but also perfect for quick pizzas or just warmed as a side with dinner. Find them in the deli section at your local grocery store!