Nailing That Winter Manicure!

When winter comes, I usually like to bury my not-so-cute cuticles in gloves until the weather warms up. This winter, I have vowed not to hibernate despite living in #Chiberia and TRY to keep my manicure in at least passable condition.

Style Tip for Busy Gals:
Painted nails and a pair of earrings go a long way in making you look pulled together.

Seriously. Every time I have my nails in shape and pop in a pair of earrings, people make comments. So odd that two fairly small things can make such an impact.

Let’s chat about nailing that winter mani, shall we?

First off, let’s look at why your nails/cuticles are drying out, then how to treat and prevent it.

Top reasons why your nails dry out:
Cleaning (Grab some cute gloves- hot water and chemicals dry out your digits)
Wearing Polish for Extended Periods of Time (Take it off when it chips. For multiple reasons)
Gel Manicures (The removal process wreaks havoc)
Dehydration (Post-holiday hangovers? Yeah, killing those nails)

Julep was kind enough to share their winterizing tips with me. One thing (among many) I love about Julep polish is that it the polish doesn’t dry my nails out. I have used particular “quick dry” polishes from other brands and they leave my nails brittle, dry and peeling. Julep polishes have Oxygen Technology which allows your nails to breathe, and even condition your nails over time, plus they are 5-free. I’m sold.

Nailing That Winter Manicure- Julep's Tips On How To Winterize Your Nails

I am loving Julep’s winter color trends- I could totally see Shari for my manicure and Joanne for my pedicure. Or how about Kiki for a mani and Ilsa for a pedi? Decisions, decisions!

Nailing That Winter Manicure: Julep's Top Winter Colors

Want to guarantee a stay-in-the-lines manicure while
conditioning your cuticles and fingers? Grab one of Julep’s trendy winter colors and try my tip!

Step 1: Grab some petroleum jelly (aka Vaseline) and a cotton swab (aka Q-tip). Dip the Q-tip into the Vaseline and swipe it around your nails, making sure not to get it on the actual nail itself. For extra control, use a lipstick brush.

Nailing That Winter Manicure: Tip For Perfect Polish

Step 2: Apply nail polish as you normally would.

Nailing That Winter Manicure: Perfect Polish Every Time Tip

Step 3: Wipe any polish away from around your nails with a clean Q-tip. If it is close to the nail, you can use a clean cuticle stick to grab the polish. It will wipe away super easy and leave you with a perfectly professional manicure while moisturizing your fingers and cuticles! Polish above is Marla- burgundy velvet with silver shimmer. Grab one of Julep’s trendy winter nail polish colors and try my tip!

My fave new discovery- their Birthstone Collection. Remember when birthstone jewelry was all the rage? Like, when we were 8? I had the necklace, the earrings, you name it. Well, think of this as the grownup version of birthstone jewelry. The colors are gorgeous, glittery, and make great birthday gifts! To shop the full Julep nail polish collection, head here.

Nailing That Winter Manicure: Julep's New Birthstone Collection

Do you have any winter nail routines that you would like to share? Please do!!



  1. January 14, 2015 / 5:32 pm

    Seriously???!!! The answer to all of my nail polish angst all of these years (aka painting my cuticles) was Vaseline????!!! Must get some immediately!

    • January 14, 2015 / 5:34 pm

      YES, it totally works!! If you are like me and your cuticles absorb all the Vaseline in two seconds because your fingers are so dried out, make sure you glob it on. The extra polish totally wipes right off. I am usually a total mess and have to go over my fingers with a q-tip and polish remover, but not when I do this!