My NEW Style Secret: Ella Louvi

Ok, I am going to let you in on my newest style secret!! I usually shop at off-price or thrift stores for unique pieces, but I have changed my tune since I found this gem of a boutique in The Glen. Ella Louvi has been around for a few years, and owner Grace Yoon is the creative owner behind the scenes. She left life in the big city (we’re talking serious fashion capital of the world here- NYC) and came back to the Chicago area to open her first boutique, Stella + Grace. Ella Louvi is her second boutique, and she is spot on with her knack for cultivating collections that appeal to real women (aka, those of us who aren’t runway models, although her clothes would look gorgeous on them as well).

PS- Grace made this mosaic!

The aim of Ella Louvi is to “illuminate strength and confidence” in women, and you can fell the vibe the minute you walk into the store. She has a team of stylists that have mastered the fine art of acting like gal pals who work with your style and offer creative outfit inspiration. There is no hard sell here, no Pretty Woman-esque Rodeo Drive store shaming- they are all about helping you find clothes that fit, flatter and are FUN. Each of the staff has a different style, and they will work to find the best fit for you to work with.

 All of the accessories are artistically displayed, and many from local artists including some drool-worthy druzy pieces from Emmis.

Gorgeous accessories at Ella Louvi

I took a spin in the fitting room with Grace on hand to pull items and accessories that flatter my figure. It was a very Clueless moment, with me taking selfies to share on the blog (“I don’t rely on mirrors so I always take Polariods!”). I ended up coming back for the black and white dress- I just loved the flippy skirt. That green dress- I almost bought it, the detail on the back is a soft drape finished off with unique seams on the side. Perfect for a summer wedding, date night or cocktails on a rooftop deck downtown! The black dress is a kimono-style with drawstrings, super flattering for full figures.

Fitting Room Fashion at Ella Louvi

As for price point, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the price tags! When you hear boutique, many automatically assume expensive. Not so- I purchased this gorgeous and insanely colorful dress below for under $60. It is the most comfortable item I own, and flattering on all body types! Not to mention the fact that this instantly added a pop of color to my closet- a bright spot in a sea of black and gray.

Tiffany Dress from Ella Louvi

I will be featuring items from their store periodically (or as often as my credit card allows me to), but they sell out fast! Make sure to like their Facebook page for updates on what is hitting the racks- Grace tends to post a few items a week, and awesome styling tips and outfit inspo. I am also excited for Ella Louvi’s fall fashions- Grace told me that she sources the BEST denim brand around, it fits and flatters all shapes and sizes. You won’t find low rise here- she stocks only mid-rise, which is such a great cut for those of us who aren’t 15 anymore.

I recently spied a skirt in the store but didn’t buy, so had to come back for the next day. I messaged Grace and asked her to hold it since I spent the whole night mentally pairing items from my closet with the skirt. That is the beauty of shopping at a boutique- you can be in touch with the owner, they know and remember your style, and each piece is incredibly unique. Stay tuned for how I pair this amazing skirt with existing pieces in my wardrobe. I’ll dress it up, down, and wear it all around town!



    • June 22, 2015 / 6:05 pm

      I would LOVE to meet up- maybe we have a blogger party there? Cheers to sandal and stiletto weather!

  1. June 22, 2015 / 8:23 pm

    Thank you So much for a wonderful write up!! Can't wait to work w you again soon!!! xoxo Grace

    • June 23, 2015 / 10:48 am

      Absolutely! I adore your boutique- you are such an incredibly talented gal!! Thank you for your help, I will be back soon!

  2. June 22, 2015 / 8:43 pm

    Thanks for the shout out on Emmis Jewelry! So happy to be spotted at Ella Louvi! Grace is amazing – and so is the shop!