Must-Haves for Dads and Grads

June is the month to celebrate dads and grads! Since last year’s celebrations were absent, this year we are seeing a surge of parties and gatherings like never before. Take this time to truly honor those in your life who have made an impact and those who have worked hard to accomplish their goals. These are a few must-have gifts and celebration accompaniments for dads and grads!

dads and grads

Fruity Snacks & Drinks

As we all dive back into the social scene, having something that is light and easy to drink and eat is a must at parties. The trend this summer is fruit-forward and low ABV for beverages, moving away from high-octane craft brews. Here are a couple of fruity beverages and snacks to have on hand:

Schöfferhofer Passion Fruit– hitting store shelves NOW! A German hefeweizen + passion fruit juice. Add it to their current lineup of Grapefruit and Pomegranate for the perfect combo.

Passion Fruit Beer



Fruit Pizza– my mom made this when I was  younger, and I still adore it! You can use store-bought sugar cookie dough to make it easier. Just bake in a massive circular pan, spread with cream cheese frosting, and decorate with fruit! To cut down the sugar intake, you can use this oatmeal banana cookie recipe.

Gifting Made Easy

If you want to KISS- keep it simple, stupid- head to to grab gifts for dads and grads this year. I am ALL ABOUT letting someone else do the legwork of putting together the perfect present, and Man Crates has something for every man in your life:

Jerky Tie ($39.99)- Class up his jerky game with the Jerky Tie Box, a fun gift that’s classier and tastier than most actual neckwear. Includes 10 assorted jerky bites.

ManCrates gifts for dad


Mr. Fixit Tool Crate ($79.99)- Tim the Tool Man Taylor would be proud! This crate includes all the tools of the dad or grad trade, including Gorilla Tape for everything he can’t fix.

Fun Wine– yes, the flavors might seem a little crazy, but that is the FUN of it! They are lightly carbonated, flavored wine drinks with all-natural ingredients. Best part- they have only 59 versus 150 calories for a 5oz pour and are made with Monk Fruit. Bring a bottle of this as a gift to the party to keep the fun going!

Best Dressed

Get your dad or grad ready for their time in the spotlight! Update their wardrobe with a few new accessories to keep them looking stylish and staying comfortable.

Skineez Skinsoft– parties and ceremonies often involve endless standing around, and feet get tired after a while! Compression socks are the secret to staying comfy while on your feet (just ask nurses!), and Skineez makes special ones that firm, revitalize and moisturize the skin.

Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Fragrance– I smelled this in a handsoap at a restaurant and immediately became obsessed with the scent. It is rich rum, tobacco, and something just inherently masculine.

Goodr Sunglasses in Mo-Jito, Mo-Problems– I have seen this brand EVERYwhere lately, and for a good reason. Their affordable, stylish, expressive sunnies are no-slip, no bounce, all polarized lenses that work for all types of activities. Dad or grad, this is one gift sure to put a smile on their face.

must-haves for dads and grads- sunglasses

Cheers to toasting dads and grads with a celebration worthy of all the effort they put in!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post- all opinions are honest and my own as always!