Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100

Ok, listen up. Mom wants what she wants, not what she needs. For Mother’s Day, put a little thought into the gift. Show her that you know her, and breaking the bank isn’t a requirement. Here are my two cents in general (there are always exceptions!)- fragrance (a new scent) is too personal of a choice to be made for her, electronics are too impersonal, a macaroni necklace is lovely but make sure to follow it up with a real necklace, booze always wins and alone time is the best.

Wonder Woman

Every mom needs super powers. I mean, how else are you supposed to ever get out the damn door? I have to tell my kids 50 times to put on their shoes, and you know that I still have to do it for them. I need the super power of patience, or else I might just hop on the first flight to somewhere tropical and say screw it all.

Photo: Courtesy of Bombay Taxi Boutique

My amazing friend Shibani opened the online boutique Bombay Taxi, which caters to all things style and sparkle. She has these incredible gold cuffs that add the right amount of statement while still staying understated. I bought two for myself so I can wear one on each wrist. At $25 each, they are an affordable option for the Wonder Woman in your life!

Like Mother/Like Daughter

Are BOTH you and your mom super stylish? You can pull a Parisian, sail into Sailor chic, or go CoCo with this necktie set! These versatile ties from Donni Charm can be worn a dozen ways- as a neck adornment, hair wrap, purse accessory and more. Monogram them or have the phase “Like Mother” on one and “Like Daughter” on the other.

Just make sure to call each other before attending a mutual event so you aren’t totally twinning (unless that is the goal, then twin away!).

Put a Ring on It

I am not generally a fan of jewelry with my kids’ full names prominently displayed. That stick figure sticker on the minivan is on my Hell No list. There are, however, simple ways to keep your kids in mind without screaming “I AM A MOM!!!” to everyone within striking distance.

I picked up these daintily sweet rings at Yellow Bird in my hometown of Wilmette for $15 each. I stack them and wear as right-hand rings, but they could easily go on any finger. If you aren’t on the North Shore, just search “Initial Rings” on Etsy and you will find thousands of results. My advice? KISS- keep it simple, sister. No bling, just clean lines and a minimalist look. PS- you can also give her a gift certificate for a manicure if her nails look like mine.

DIY for Your MIL

Looking for something to give your Mother in Law from the grandkids? Target usually has small ceramic dishes for $1-$3 in their Dollar Spot section. Have the kids draw a small picture or write their name with an oil-based Sharpie and bake it in the oven at 250 degrees for 2 hours. Instant jewelry holder! I have jewelry dishes on every surface in my home because I am always taking off jewelry or putting in on right before I hit the road.

Adorable bangles by Bombay Taxi Boutique!

Kiss and Makeup

I am always tossing loose lipsticks into my purse, or scrambling to find a makeup bag for a quick trip. I found these adorable Pamela Barsky makeup pouches at one of my favorite boutiques, Ella Louvi. They sport quirky (and often utterly, gorgeously inappropriate) phrases and are roomy enough to carry the basics. They are under $20, so stuff them with mom’s fave pieces or grab something new for her.

And last but not least…..

Handmade With Love

This is my favorite gift. My guy couldn’t wait to give this to me, and apparently I have model-esque legs. YESSSS!

Whatever you do, try to make it personal. Think about who mom is, what makes her happy. And most of all, just tell her how much you love her! (And a bottle of rose and ice cream can’t hurt).




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