The Mommy Style File: Not Too Shabby!

I feel like I am late to the party. Why didn’t I discover this site when I was pregnant?

Shabby Apple has done what I TRIED to do when I was pregnant: they have a line of “Maternity Friendly” apparel. These are pieces that are meant for non-pregnant women but can be worn by those bearing a bump as well! You can save 20% of EVERYTHING by using the code SUMMER20 for a limited time.

Beachcomber- $71
Serenade- $80
Polly Hill- $77

They also have a “New Mama” collection for the transition between pregnant, looking-like-you-are-still-pregnant-but-not, and 1 year later. The designs hide the post-baby pooch while maintaining a sense of style and dignity for the new mommy!

Carnival- $93
San Gabriel- $86
Cayenne- $79 on sale

ANNNDDD…for those looking for full-on Maternity Wear, fear not: they offer dresses that will make those who don’t have a bun in the oven WISH they were pregnant! (Err…well, maybe I wouldn’t go that far; I will take a French Martini over an Antacid Appletini any day!)

Fruitful- $85
Better than Sweets- $59
Wonderland- $92